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Immigration Chaos

With all the fighting over illegal immigrants in the news these days, one very odd constitutional provision has come to light. Two illegal immigrants have a baby? That baby is a U.S. Citizen. 14th Amendment Section 1. All persons born . . . in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.


Anonymous said...

As I stated in another post:
An additional factor that I have not heard discussed: What if an illegal marries an American citizen? What if they have a child born in America? What if either of these events occurs to an immigrant with a "temporary worker" permit.

10:30 PM

Bush is proposing some 3 to 6 year "temporary" worker permit. Wanna bet many of those workers will marry/have children while here? Are we going to send them back with their American child?

Anonymous said...

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m&m said...

I think I know of one exeception and that is of foreign diplomats. If they were to have a baby here in the US, my understanding is, that baby is a citizen of the country of origen of the parents, not the US. But I don't know why it is an exception.

m&m said...

Sorry for the spelling errors: That's 'exception' and 'origin'.

Anonymous said...

Hey, folks, this is just not an unusual circumstance. Not only diplomats but military and business people and possibly tourists have children while in a foreign country. My daughter was born while I was in military in Germany. She had the ability to declare her choice of citizenship when she reached 18. She had to apply to the US State Dept. to declare as US citizen. Eventually they sent an official looking document with Secretary Alex Haig's signature on it.

I suppose it's like this for foreigners having babies in the US whether legal or illegal. But if the US chooses to evict an illegal who has married an American or had babies here, what do we propose to do?

Anonymous said...

Build the fence rather high.