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Air LeBron

I don't think I've watched an NBA game from start to finish in 20 years. But I continue to believe that LeBron James is the next Michael Jordan. The 21 year old became the youngest player ever to crack the 6,000 point barrier tonight as he scored 46 points against the Dallas Mavericks.


Anonymous said...

Greater than Michael Jordan? No way. Never. I don't care how much he scores, he'll never be the caliber of player as Jordan. There's more to great players than the numbers.

Anonymous said...

The reason why I don't like to watch basketball, is because of the insane use of timeouts towards the end (unless its a total blowout). Especially when the game is not REALLY winnable, and the losing team is just "going through the motions"--its like watching water drip. I think the amount/number of timeouts should be greatly restricted--then we could actually watch a sporting event with "movement".

originalgofish said...

LeBron still has much to prove to be the next MJ. Jordan drove the team by his personality and sold seats with his ability. LeBron has a great deal of ability and could become the next "human highlight reel" but hasn't lead a team the way Michael did and MJ did it for several years.

m&m said...

Anon 10:07 pm Barry didn't say 'greater than MJ', he said 'the next MJ'. Big difference.

The reason he's the youngest to score 6000 points, is because he's one of very few players who start an NBA career right out of high school. Didn't play college ball. At his age, most players are finishing up their college career. He is very talented and I agree with originalgofish that he has yet to develop the leadership skills MJ had. But that may come with experience.