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Political Commercial #2

Ok, I'm watching Fox 4 News and I'm being bombarded with commercials. Here is the first one that made me throw up. "Van Taylor. Family man. Business man. United States Marine. In Iraq, he led a recon platoon behind enemy lines prior to the main invasion . . . . In Congress, Van will strengthen our borders [Meaning: we'll keep out those Mexicans.] Win the War on Terror [Dear lord, did he actually say that?] to make America more safe and our families more secure."

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Anonymous said...

Next, our Congress will pass a law "outlawing" terrorism--and that will stop the problem!! And this is from a Republican who is getting tired of ALL those politicians in D.C. who have lost touch with reality. Think of all those Senators who have been up there for multiple terms--when was the last time any of them personally stood in line at a grocery store checkout counter? Makes you think.