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Random Music Chart Notes

- On the National Pop Singles list, "So Sick (Of Love Songs) is #1 - not a bad tune - and "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)" is #6. (That's the way it is spelled). - On the Country Chart, my head hurts because I see Bon Jovi is in at #8 with "Who Says You Can't Go Home." Also, Toby (I Got Rich Off Acting Like A Patriot) Keith is at #10 with "Get Drunk and Be Somebody." - And on the Rap Chart, you have #5 "Ms. New Booty" by the very confusing combo of Bubba Sparxxx, the Ying Yang Twins and Mr Collipark.


Anonymous said...

Barry, we know you don't like country music, so shut up about Toby. He's not acting.

EighterfromDecatur said...

no, he is too dumb to act.