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This headline caught my attention today in the Star Telegram: "Jury suggests 3 life terms for ex-pastor". This was followed by this sentence in the story: "The nine-man, three-woman jury deliberated more than three hours Tuesday before recommending that [the defendant] serve three life sentences." Not to nit-pik, but that wasn't a "suggestion" or "recommendation". When a jury hands down a sentence in Texas, their decision is binding.


mschief said...

Barry! Barry! Barry! You are old and experienced enough to know better than to expect the media to bother with making certain the words they use convey the truth about the matter upon which they are "reporting"!

Anonymous said...

Amen to "mschief". Isn't it amazing--their entire reason for existence is communicating with words (and sometimes pictures)-- and they're careless with them!!

Anonymous said...

Must not be Catholic...Rome would have recalled him or moved him around.