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The Confederate States of America

That's the name of a high brow movie showing at the Magnolia in Dallas. It's premise: What if the South had won the Civil War? It surmises: - The USA would have remained neutral regarding Hitler - Kennedy was assassinated due to threatening to emancipate - The Watts Riots were "slave rebellions" - And a presidential candidate has his "racial identity" questioned and is forced to publicly insist that his great grandfather "did not have sexual relations with that woman" (the woman being, of course, a slave). Good Stuff. (Reviewed in the Morning News today).


mzchief said...

Hmmm...While we are revising major moments in history, imagine if the British had won the Revolutionary War; people in the US would speak English with an odd accent, industry would be wrecked by unions, a good portion of the public would rely on the government to provide their basic needs and the majority of the public would have horrible teeth. Not to mention the food would suck.

One out of five is not all bad. Americans do indeed as a nation have lovely teeth.

What is with the losers of the Civil War not being able to act like gracious losers and get over it and on with REALITY?

Anonymous said...

Before you spout off about this movie you obviously haven't seen, you might spare us all and do so first, mzchief. This movie is not about the "losers of the Civil War not being able to act like gracious losers". The whole point of the movie emphasizes how fortunate we are today that those losers lost.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:10. You should see it. I think you would like it. You are very sarcastic and so is this movie. Why don't you see it and then tell us what you think? I don't mean to be rude, but I get the impression that you think you are way funnier and entertaining than you actually are and are trying to impress us all with how smart you are. Lighten up, go see the movie, and then talk about it.

mzchief said...

NEWS FLASH! This is NOT a new film. CSA first premiered at Kansas University in Feb. 2003. I missed the 8:pm showing for which I had a ticket. However, I was permitted to use my 8:pm ticket to get into the 11:pm showing. Thus I have seen the film.

According to, at the time asst. prof. at KU Kevin Wilmott the writer and director of CSA his purpose for making the movie was to bring to light the true intentions and reasons of the south engaging in the Civil War and putting slavery and bigotry in the forefront of people's minds and again making it a "topic of the national discussion."

At the time I was a guest lecturer for KU's Political Science dept. and am fully aware of the fact that the Civil War was NOT about slavery and that the issue of slavery was brought into the equation to rally the support of states other than those affected by the state's rights issues, needless to say I was not impressed with the misinformation nor the "humour" of the flick. I was also outraged that an educator would continue to perpetuate a myth/lie/ misconception to further their own political and racially divisive agenda.

I personally see the Civil War as a most UNcivil act of needless aggression whereby over 600,000. people were killed. I do not see it as an event that should be treated with anything other than the utmost respect and honesty.

Perhaps I was mistaken and should have said that "losers and those whose ancestors greatly benefited from the Civil War” need to get over it and on with REALITY.

Clearly, I do not lack knowledge of this topic just far more than the average person. A wee bit of advice, it might be better to assume that someone knows considerably MORE than you on a topic which might be the reason they have a different point of view.

Incidentally, several years ago the level of my intellect was established and accepted by my peers which precludes my need to attempt to impress anyone much less strangers on a blog.

BTW, I know I am not funny which is why I do not bother telling jokes.

Anonymous said...

Problem is that most of the good soldiers went off to find Josey Wales

Atticus said...

For what its worth, MacKinlay Kantor wrote a book about this very same subject back in the 1960's. I guess we will never know what life would have been like in the South had it won. It is doubtful that slavey would have continued under any circumstances in North America. One man's opinion anyway.