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This doesn't work for Wise County (yet) but it's pretty cool. Type in the address of a home and a satellite view will appear with the home's value appearing over the property. (As well as the value of other homes on the neighborhood). You can learn more about the property by clicking on the little blue dots above the price. If you want to play with it, type in 1504 Shady Oaks with a zip code of 76107. You'll get a bird's eye view of the exclusive Westover Hills area in Fort Worth. Link.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't show the value of my home. Good luck with others.

gofish said...

And we all worry about the Patriot Act and privacy. Privacy is disappearing fast.

Anonymous said...

Try the address "Roanoke Way" in "Mercer Island, Wn" (a Seattle suburb) and float around the neighborhood with the compass indicator. See what real estate in desirable parts of the country goes for. Average prices must be in the multi-millions.