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OK, This Is Getting Bad For W

Today, the President's approval rating dipped to an all time low of 37%. Hey, it's not just the liberals that aren't proud of him, it's a combination of those "regular Americans" who finally realize the war in Iraq was ill conceived and the hard line conservatives who finally realize that Bush is not one of them.


Anonymous said...

If Bush doesn't give the American people a timeline for bringing home a large percentage of our troops, it will hurt the Republican party.

May also bother a few folks who switched parties thinking that assured them their jobs.


Anonymous said...

The approval rating started downward after Katrina.

The war in Iraq has turned into civil war. Gasoline prices and home heating is too high for our economy to sustain. That is why "they" brought gasoline prices down so quickly.

Government spending is out of control because only during big goverment spending can political cronies Haliburton, big drug and insurance companies.

There are problems at the borders with illegal immigration.

Wages are not going up. Health care cost more.

The Christian Right did not approve of the president's choice for the Supreme Court but he is on the right track of overturning Roe vs Wade.

Personal debt is at an all time high. The housing market has slowed.

The President is on his way to China to ask for more money to finance credit card debt.

Big business and the Christian Right elected our leaders. 37% approval rating is about how many votes Big Business and the Christian right have. They seem to be very pleased with the present leaders!

The independent or moderates voters will make big differences in the house and senate during the 2006 elections. And those who switched parties just to keep their jobs, may have to campaign on their own record of public serice.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is a real indictment of the American people who don't seem to understand the gravity of terrorism. If the WW II generation had out attitude and perserverance we would all be speaking Japanese or German.

Anonymous said...

Barry, I can never tell when you are serious or when you are just stirring things up.

Anonymous said...

He just seriously stirrs things up in my opinion.

Atticus said...

7:11 Anon, the assumption has to be first that President Bush has come up with the best plan to fight "terrorism", (part of which was to go ahead and invade Iraq to make it a model for a New Middle East). History tells us that no foreign group (and there have been many) has been very successful in occupying these lands short of maybe wiping out most all of the local inhabitants.
You may have noticed that Iran and North Korea see this as an opportunity to play with Nuke Bomb making and the terrorism it exports. What Army do we us to invade them? All of us want to end terrorism, but I guess many of us do not understand how spending away our economic future in Iraq gets us there.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Atticus. I am tired of people, from President Bush on down, who suggest that anyone who criticizes this undeclared war in Iraq as unpatriotic or doesnt' love our country. I love our country and I am in awe of the men and women who are in or have been in Iraq. But I do not support this war. We should not be over there. Our children will pay the price. It is going to have unforeseen effects on our economy. I have an absolute right, fought for and won by other great Americans over 100 years ago, to say what I think without being labeled un-American. Everyone who does not support our continued involvement in Iraq needs to speak up and say so.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:15

Actually, our freedom entitles us to have our opinions just as you are entitled to yours. We don't have to agree but we are entitled to believe what we want.

Anonymous said...

I am a patriot, former AF Intelligence officer, and am familiar with history. Our military is to defend the USA and its allies. Iraq never attacked us and did not cooperate with or support Al Qaida. We were justified in attacking Afghanistan going after Al Qaida and bin Laden. We now have a Qaida-free Afghanistan but it is now the world's largest herion provider.

We should have continued to pressure Iraq to allow arms inspection. It now appears that the inspectors couldn't find what was not there and Saddam was actually telling the truth - that he did not have WMD. It was our own government that "overreacted" by invading Iraq. At a cost of over 2,000 soldier's lives and over $200,000,000,000.

I'm a patriot in defense of our country and am opposed to the war in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

I can only say I believe the world is definitely a better place without Saddam in control of anything.

Condoleesa said...

It is hard to be making decisions you believe are right but are not popular. If nothing else, I respect Bush for that.

Anonymous said...

hey...I like G.W.! better than the alternative

Anonymous said...

Condi - There are several national leaders we might be better off without - in Iran, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Venezuela, and many others. Do you propose removing them too? If not, where is your intellectual consistency? Why not get the guy actually responsible for Al Qaida – bin Laden?

natasha8boris said...

When is the last time any of you were polled? My bet is they poll dems inside the beltway.

Anonymous said...

OK, one more time: Don't worry about it. Kill 'em all, take their oil, make it ours, go to Dairy Queen for a Freeze. Poll other patrons about their favorite desserts. It's a more meaningful exercise and the Freeze tastes great!

My car needs cheap gas. How about you?