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Crazed Prosecutor

There was a pretty interesting case that wrapped up yesterday in Dallas. The prosecution had charged Angela Disabella with capital murder alleging she had intentionally killed her infant daughter with chili pepper. If she had been found guilty, she would have faced an automatic life sentence (and would not have been eligible for parole until after 40 real years). Instead the jury found the death was caused "recklessly", found her guilty of the second degree felony of Manslaughter, and assessed her sentence at seven years in prison. I saw a bit of the punishment phase on the news last night and some female prosecutor was screaming questions at the defendant's mother. It was not a good scene.


Condoleesa said...

I am sure it wasn't. I have followed this too and it is just tragic.

Anonymous said...

The female prosecutor would make want a jury want to give the mother a light sentence. She was like a rabid dog!

Again, it is a mother who couldn't deal with a baby.

Two tragic events.

Anonymous said...

The prosecutor was just annoying.
She seemed like she was out of control from what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Little known to a lot of folks, this was a common practice back in the fifties. My parents told me they did the same thing to me for the same reasons. Obviously, they only used enough to make me stop sucking my finger. A lot of things were done then - there were no 800 numbers to call then. I am certainly not saying this is a good practice - just that it has been going on for years.

Anonymous said...

yeah...mine used tobasco sauce!

Anonymous said...

I believe the jury made a just finding of fact. She was a young mother, and I have heard in the past of using chili powder, tobasco sauce, etc. to stop thumbsucking, of course never on an infant. But, I do not think the mother did it with the intention of killing her child.

Woman prosecuter----WACKO!