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I've Never Been Much Of A Hockey Fan

"So far, the Stars are posting an announced average home attendance of 16,868 (with American Airlines Center capacity at 18,532), down 1,487 from their season average in 2003-04. In addition, their most recent home game Nov. 7 hosted a crowd of 15,286, the smallest since 1997, when the team played at Reunion Arena. "


Anonymous said...

Not that I care either (really not much at all, for I never missed hockey while it was gone), but when you do your fans that way, there's no doubt that people are not going to want to come back and support you. I think it would be fitting if no one showed up for a full season. . . show those ungrateful millionaire players how it feels. Also, when it costs $75 or more to sit in the nosebleed, there's no way I'm wasting my money there. Give me my $8 Ranger game anyday!

Anonymous said...

Piss on Major League Baseball in particular and major league sports in general! I'm still not over the last strike, the Rangers refusal to reimburse ticket holders for parking money paid upfront, the players acting like they were the victems in the whole thing, and now the drug abuse. I've never been in the Ball Park, and only seen it going to 6 Flags. Give me a good Cats or Brahmans game anyday!

Anonymous said...

No doubt many hockey fans still maintain that they got kicked in the ice.