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A Flashback From Way Too Long Ago

E-Bay is running a commercial with the Monkees's hit "Daydream Believer" being prominently featured. As a kid, I remember the Monkees and Gilligan's Island being on TV in prime time opposite of each other on different channels. (Lordy, I'm old). My brother loved the Monkees. I, shamefully now, loved Gilligan's Island. My parents, being the diplomats even then, would alternate weeks as to which program we got to watch. Anyway, I couldn't help but perk up tonight when I heard the voice of Davey Jones as the EBay commercial rolled.


Gigi said...

Barry, We must be close to the same age....I loved the Monkeys and Gilligan, too. In high school I worked for Lion Country Safari in Grand Prairie and actually got to spend the day "tour-guiding" the Monkeys through the park. I rode an elephant with Mickey Dolenz and sat next to Davey Jones in the was a thrill for a little hick from the barrio.

Anonymous said...

wow...i would have killed to meet davey! I had posters up all over my room of them and the Turtles! watched their show every week along with the Munsters and the Patty Duke show

Anonymous said...

I got to sit beside Davey on an airplane when I was about 10 years old!! I didn't know what to say, I pretended I didn't know who he was. All the while the butterflies were screaming in my stomach.