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Really Random Thought

Why do light bulbs burn out constantly but vehicle headlights can burn for years?


bigcatdaddy said...

The filament is made with stronger, more durable metal, and they are charged with a different kind of gas.

Yeah, I know....why don't they make house light bulbs the same way........who knows???

Anonymous said...

To show how tough they are, I used to have a pickup light that I could work by giving it a light bump with my hand, and it would work until the next time I needed to drive with the lights on. I thought I had a bad connection, but when I told my mechanic about it, he said this was a common occurrence. The filament was actually broken, and tapping it with my hand while the electricity was on would cause the broken ends to "re-weld" themselves--when they cooled after use they would separate again. What a tough bulb!!

Anonymous said...

I have found bulbs operating with direct current as apposed to AC last longer.