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And I Thought The Due Process Clause Was Confusing

There was a controversial ending to the Angels-White Sox game last night, and if you want to read about it you can do so here. The brohaha was about this rule: A runner who swings and misses on his third strike may try to advance to first base if the catcher does not catch the ball. (Althought the catcher can tag him or throw him out at first base). That may be the oddest rule in baseball.


Anonymous said...

Let me preface by saying I'm a Ranger fan and could care less now who wins the series (although I rejoice that the Yankees are out). However, the baseball player and coach in me knows that the catcher should have either made the tag or thrown to first without any hesitation. That should be a given for any catcher even at the high school level, and I'm amazed coaches and fans weren't yelling to "TAG HIM!"
Anyway, I hope this is inconsequential as far as the series goes and that it doesn't turn into a "Bartman" type incident.

miz.gina said...

Check out the 4th game of the World Series between the Yankees and Dodgers .. this is not the first time this has happened.

Now I am not saying that the rule is smart but at least they are enforcing it. I believe that is the way to go... either drop the rule or enforce it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous #1. Tag him!! The umpire waved his arm out to signfy a swing and a miss. Then a closed fisted pump to signify a strike. But according to the A.J., he never heard the umpire call him out. So, Josh Paul should have tagged him when he did not here the out call.

Now, the umpire may have missed the call on the bounced ball in to the catchers glove but it was close. This is the ALCS cover your a--.