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This Guy Needs To Buy A Lottery Ticket

In the 8th inning of yesterday's Astros-Braves game, Houston's Chris Burke hit a grand slam. It was caught in the outfield by a guy named Shaun Dean. Ten innings later, the Astros win the game with a home run. Who caught it? The same Shaun Dean. Freaky.


Condoleesa said...

I bet the same guy hit both runs.

Anonymous said...

connie - your terminology demonstrates you know little about baseball. The tremendous improbability that 2 homerun balls would fall to the same person in a full stadium is truly remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Nope, it was actually Lance Berkman who hit the grand slam in the 8th, and Chris Burke (a rookie) who hit the game winning dinger in the 18th. That game was awesome!