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Maybe Kanye Was Right

From the Today Show this morning discussing Bush's 39% approval rating: RUSSERT: And Matt, the most astounding number in this: 2 percent – just 2 percent - of African-Americans give George Bush a positive rating for his performance as President. The memories of Katrina very much in their minds. LAUER: Is that what this is all about? I mean, obviously that is just a startling number, 2 percent of African-Americans. Is this all about the aftermath of Katrina? RUSSERT: Well, the imagery of that along with the economy and fuel prices and Iraq, but that event, Matt, really did have a searing effect. George Bush and the Republican Party has tried very hard to reach out to African-American voters, but this is a very dramatic setback. I cannot find a pollster who can remember any President ever getting just 2 percent approval from African-Americans


Anonymous said...

Everything is the Pres fault right?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you reward friends with positions they do not have the qualifications, experience, or knowledge to handle. The sad thing is he continues to do it--and the nation pays.

comment4U said...

No, Kanye was wrong--dead wrong. Bush has put more minorities into political positions--blacks being most of them--than any other preceding President. Up yours, Kanye.

The nation is paying because Katrina kicked butt--Bush doesn't control the weather, although, I wish he did. Maybe it wouldn't stay so hot in Texas.

Anonymous said...

good job comment4u
Im with you all the way

Anonymous said...

Actually, Kanye got it backwards.

Anonymous said...

Bush doesn't control the weather - but he ran for and (kinda) got elected to direct the executive branch of the government. When he and the government works right, he should share in the credit. However, you might remember prez Truman who accepted the final responsibility for all government action or inaction (the buck stops here).

Bush clearly did not show sufficient interest in the Katrina disaster till many days into it. He was further hampered by a poorly coordinated federal response by FEMA. Yes, many around him let him down but remember he placed most of the leaders in these agencies in their jobs. Unfortunately, loyalty and familiarity are much more important to Bush than actual competence. Now he pays the price for that attitude. His poll numbers will continue to suffer (and not only among blacks) because of this.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:38
You actually use reason rather than emotion to state your refreshing!

Anonymous said...

I second that anon 8:38.

comments4u, what Texas factual magazine, and I use the word factual loosely, did you get that information from?

Condoleesa said...

Then again maybe Kayne had it exactly backwards, maybe blacks hate Bush!

comment4U said...

Wow.....I actually study more than what a mag will tell me, last anon. It's fact--a professor from U of M tallied it up....didn't read it either, he told me on the phone.

And, after blustering stupid, ridiculous tommyrot, I'll say it again: Up yours, Kanye!

And, Condoleesa, you may just be right.

boredatwork said...

I have said it on here a number of times. Kanye is a complete jackass!! Also, if everyone would pay attention to what is going on, most could figure out that he is the racist. Actually close to 70% of the blacks today are racist againist the whites!

spiritrider said...

bush's ratings are refelctive of the katrina aftermath i am sorry bu the is the one to blame he over saw all the goverment offices that blundered and when he told the public to conserve fuel started flying all around the us but i give him credit he accepted the blame for the problems that happened and as for those who have complained we have tried to help them yet when you saw them ransack the wal mart they were running out with tvs steros etc how can you help those who want help themselves you cant theres no way to so let the ratings be what they be who cares the voters elected him not once but twice so he cant run agian and do you realy think he cares about his ratings

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kanye and his hip hop friends are to blame. The lyrics that you can understand are likely to cause attitudes like his to flourish.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:38 is definitely correct. I've said it before and I'll say it again...
Bush will go down in history as one of the worst - if not THE worst President on record. 2008 won't come soon enough for our government. And he continues to slap Americans in their collective face by appointing even more cronies in powerful positions.

Anonymous said...

I have said before and I will say it again, Bush's big mistake was not booting the 2 stooges Blanco and "Dallas" Nagan out of the way.

You want to talk incompetence. Blanco is the most clueless governor ever. She just stood around looking shell shocked. Nagin left town within a week to move his family to Dallas. Unbelievable. And the mainstream media gives him a pass because they are too busy piling on Bush.

And speaking of the news media, with their wall to wall coverage, they forget facts and go right to speculation with opinions and rumors to fill the time. Murders and rapes in the Superdome? Not true. 70,000 dead? Not close. There might not have been any deaths if that idiot Nagin would have used city buses (left to flood)to get people out. of town.

Jessie Jackson and Farakaan come to town and start BS about the levees being blown up on purpose to prevent damage to the "nice" part of town. Only problem was there was a neighborhood of $500,000 homes between the levee and the 'hood.

The real story here is how the demos and the media worked together and used a disaster to undermine the Bush second term agenda. I give them credit they worked fast.

And if you want to talk cronyism, I suggest you read up on the WH travel office scandal and the Vince Foster "suicide" during the Clinton administration. And lest we forget Joycelyn Elders, the most incompetent surgeon general ever.Guess where she came from Arkansas, just like Bubba. Slap that in your collective face 12:43, I feel your pain.

comment4U said...

Bravo, Anon @ 2:22.

Anonymous said...

Well anon 222,all this good info just plain lets Prez. Doobieya off the hook. If Clinton had all that cronyism in his administration, then Doobieya is completely justified in following suit. And of course, it was all those others you mentioned at fault with the
hurricane, and Doobieya just got a bum rap. We all know how competent he is, as well as
quick thinking. Doobieya should have given Blanco and Nagin a big ol' cowboy booting just
like you said and took control of the hurrican situation. Blanco and Nagin responded about
as poorly as could be done by a city and state leader. Yeah, the mainstream press was too
busy piling on Doobieya to spotlight Nagin and Blanco's failings, but mainstream hate radio (Rush, Hannity, Davis, knap, Snow, Ancarlos, etc.) were in full damage control telling their
listeners what a great job Doobieya was doing, and it sounded just like what you said. If
Doobieya has an improper relationship with an intern, like Clinton, that will be okay and
justified also.

Anonymous said...

I 'm not quite sure what your comments mean (I 'm not sure you do either)9:58 but let me help you on a couple of more things.

First, President Bush (unlike Bubba) has too much integrity to do something stupid like Wilensky, Katherine Willey, Gennifer flowers, Juanita Broadrick, etc. (I guess Bill must be good at somehing)

Second, I wasn't suggesting that imitating Bill gives you a pass. Help us all if any president models Bubba. I was just suggesting that if you buy into the cronyism stuff being floated about Michael Brown it pails in comparison to the hillbillies and homos that Bill and Hill brought in.

I 'm not suprised that liberals like you would expect the federal government to take over. It is local and state governments responsibilty. The 1st responders totally blew it. Quick thinker? Did you see Blanco in action? The only thing she was sure of was her name at the beginning of one her dozens of news conferences. Competent? Heard any demo solutions offered? None. When it bacame obvious that Nagin & Blanco were zeros, they should have been moved out of the way. Booted with cowboy, arnmy steel toe boots, whatever.
Finaly, ever heard Al Franken? give me Rush, Hannity, et al anytime.