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And I Would Like To Announce I Love The New Spokesman

He's right out of The Godfather or Sopranos or Goodfellas.

(And that "three foot putt" doesn't belong in that list.)

And let's check out his Twitter past.

He makes up quotes:
He is pro-gun control:


Anonymous said...

Another one paid to lie for POTUS. Takes all of 3 weeks to sell your soul in that seat, he's already deleting his past tweets. Incredible Drumpf hired this guy not knowing his past liberal statements. Dumpster fire is clueless and will lose bigly. His inquiring on if he can pardon himself tells the world he's either going to jail or living next door to Snowden. The end of our shame nears ever closer while we await his choice.

Anonymous said...

If the victory church drone hadn't harassed the oil workers, this never would have happened.

Anonymous said...

It's 10:43's fault.

Anonymous said...