Random Friday Morning PostsThoughts*

  • The Wichita County District Clerk fought with County Commissioners over the court wanting her to cut two positions due to budget concerns and the modernization of e-filing. (You could tell that meeting was tense. One commissioner asking why her employees were on social media all the time. Her responding that the budget crisis was a lie.)
  • The O.J. parole hearing being televised has to be a first. Side note: I heard his NFL pension and actor's pension from SGA are protected from creditors. Is that true? 
  • O.J's lawyer reminded me of Todd Bridges. (And that guy was awful in the hearing):
    Those are two different sized heads.
  • One of these days, when we become more evolved, the concept of "parole boards" will be the subject of Supreme Court scrutiny. Think about it. Appointed individuals, not jurors, arbitrarily determine a person's most fundamental right: Freedom. (One of the parole board members was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs tie.)
  • A hot topic yesterday was "What was the first major media story you remember?" Mine corresponds with what prompted the question: The moon landing. I was at Vacation Bible School graduation in Bridgeport, and I think it was a Friday or Saturday evening. My parents told me we were going home to watch it. And I felt like there was almost an order of, "You will watch this."
  • The White House's press conference, which now does not allow video, are getting tricked up nevertheless. Look at this from yesterday. The signs. The columns. The purple lighting. That is Idiocracy.
  • And from that assistant press secretary gal just last Fall: She provided us with this golden nugget.
  • Trump News: The Washington Post is reporting he has inquired to his lawyers about who he has the power to pardon (including himself). As my dad told me back in my younger political days: "Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton." Prediction: The Post and the Times will eventually bring him down with truth. 
  • The first Cowboy's pre-season game is less than two weeks away.
  • A jaw dropping college football development happened yesterday: It was revealed that the Ole Miss football coach had made at least one call (the school said it was a "pattern") to an escort service. He quit on the spot with football season a few weeks away.
  •  Freeze was still owed over $12 million on his contract, and he walked away from it. And then he issued the following very bizarre statement. You knew things were off when it began with "one of the better football schools in Mississippi". And "Peter Senior" was talking about what? And he channeled "a vast right wing conspiracy": 
  • And the coach was caught, it seems, because of an open records request for his phone records of his government issued phone. Yep, that's what he used to make the calls. How every government employee doesn't understand their records of communications through government issued phones and computers are public record is mystifying. 
  • If you have dogs in the house then I know you despise anytime the radio or TV fires off a doorbell ring. 
  • I know many old-timers in Bridgeport who would never dream they would see this: The Chamber of Commerce promoting a liquor store in the city with a Decatur themed name. EDIT: Wow! This is a business in Decatur!

  • I hate "weather talk", but this heat is bizarre. It seems different -- probably due to the humidity and a very windless summer. For those who have to work outside for a living, you are a better person than I am. I couldn't do it. 
*The Liberally Lean editorial staff regrets this error.