Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Meet a new breed of prosecutor." "From Texas to Florida to Illinois, many of these young prosecutors are eschewing the death penalty, talking rehabilitation as much as punishment, and often refusing to charge people for minor offenses. While their numbers are small, they are taking over DA offices at a crucial moment." (In other news, a Harris County prosecutor was disciplined for "inappropriate comments" to female prosecutors.)
  • Lockheed Martin had a job fair yesterday in Fort Worth and made 600 job offers "on the spot." That vetting process seems a little thin. 
  • Let me limit my daily Trump rant to three things. Yesterday, (1) We learned that the eighth person in the room for the Trump Jr. meeting, which Jr. didn't mention in his effort at complete transparency, was a Russian real estate company employee, (2) The White House named an ambassador to Russia and misspelled his name in a press release, and (3) Trump had a second undisclosed meeting with Putin at the G-20. He went into damage control last night although it sounds like he is admitting to the meeting. 
  • But I will point out that Sean Hannity was all over Trump last night as he was covering all of the day's developments:
  • Baylor and Texas have lost an unusual amount of football players to "retirement" due to "medical issues" during the off season.  That's an ominous sign for the future of college football. Too big. Too fast.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how a former Australian was killed by police when she is the one who called them.
  • A nightclub fight, a kidnapped dog, and a shirtless race at a strip club was enough to get Jerry Jones in front of the cameras yesterday. And, man, the cameras showed up. (Oh, and don't worry about Zeke. Jerry says he's "evolving.")
    "Oh, and Decatur High won't pay me $12,500 so
    I'm kicking them out of The Star for their September game."
  • I don't know why I laugh every time I think about a nightclub named "Clutch." 
  • The church that burned in Chico has given rise to a gofundme page where they are asking for $50,000.
  • This is a lawyer speaking at a luncheon/seminar in Fort Worth about what can be learned from Tiger Woods' DWI arrest. I'm fascinated by no one paying attention. I'm fascinated by the sunglasses.
  • 30 for 30 will release its doc on the 1988 Dallas Carter High Cowboys on August 24th. I'm beyond excited about that one. 
  • The failed Obamacare repeal and replace had some Congressmen skittish yesterday:
  • I'm insane now
  • Odd story: A Dallas doctor gets charged for allegedly over-prescribing opiates and running a "pill mill" leading to the death of seven people. Now his 17 year old stepdaughter has been found dead and dismembered in a pond.