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When You Can Have A Life Sized Tonka Set Delivered To Your Home

The potential photo ops are mind-boggling. The last time:

Edit/Update: It begins.

Edit: And the press secretary thought it would be a good idea as he takes pics with his phone. Trump can't help himself. He's a man-child who got giddy about a fire truck.
Edit: Oh, no, he didn't!!!!

Edit: Wait a second. Who paid for this? You or Lockheed Martin?


Anonymous said...

Kay Granger

Anonymous said...

This may be the most harmless thing the President has done and you still cannot find something nice to say about him. Moreover, what is so wrong about liking a fire truck or heavy equipment? Perhaps it plays against the fact that we should be gender neutral (according to progressive thought). Yes, boys like fire trucks and big boys do too. In addition, what is so bad about embracing American made products? This guy could walk on water and the next day the papers (and you) would be critical of him saying he can't swim (okay, that was ripped off from LBJ). I know this much, this country has never been divided as much as it is now (at least not in my lifetime) and the hatred and negativity is getting old. The golden rule seems to be gone and I do not think it is coming the immortal words of OUR President......SAD!!! Finally, I don't know one "regular" man who would turn down the chance to jump behind the wheel of a fire truck or, for that matter......jump behind Melania do we have a classy and beautiful First Lady!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well said Conrad!