Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Repeal and Replace" Obamacare is dead once again.  The Republican have the House. They have the Senate. And they have the Presidency. Yet, it's over. So much winning.
  • Oh, my!
  • There was a really wild story about a medical school dean at USC. He was full throttle. But I bet that happens far more than anyone is willing to admit. This is the "young companion" - not the dean.
  • A gal who just happens to be transgendered managed to get a photo with Greg Abbott. (He didn't know.)
  • If you don't watch Game of Thrones, skip this. If you do, it'll take you a second to recognize her: 
  • The Balch Springs ex-cop was indicted yesterday for killing the young black kid. But I don't think the  Dallas D.A. knows what it is like to be D.A. You don't make guarantees:
  • As far as the top three are concerned, most Texas prosecutors would call it theft.
  • Heck of a day for the Cowboys: Zeke allegedly punched "DJ Dtrain" and Lucky Whitehead's dog was held by "Boogotti Kasino".  Edit: If you want to see the crazy Boogotti video wanting $20,000 for the dog, it is here. And I've issued language warnings before, but now I'm issuing a triple not double fake language warning. 
  • What does this mean?:
  • The Ticket has spent several segments spending the entire time promoting various HBO shows without one word of criticism. These are ads. (You really believe both The Hardline and The Musers think the documentary The Defiant Ones is worthy of a full segment?)
  • Fox and Friends came to the defense of Ann Coulter this morning:
  • I got this promotion yesterday in my Twitter timeline. Yep. Their super-computing-demographic-profiling-ad-targeting technology just proved I'm a little hipper than some of you boys believe.
  • Those Whataburger commercials where people recount how they did anything and everything to get to Whataburger makes me very sad for them (if they were real.) And I like Whataburger.
  • This is from Fox News. May I remind you Trump won Wise County with 83.8% of the vote.: 
  • The Iran nuclear problem has suddenly been solved: 
  • Here's the link to the college debt story referenced on the front page of the Morning News (below). It's entitled, "As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away."
  • It's Decatur Church vs. Oilfield Operating Company in the first paragraph of the Update. That caused me to think of "prescriptive easement" for the first time in 30 years.