The Campaign For DA


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

That back end got just a little loose. 
After going to Top Golf, Mrs. LL wants to golf at Runaway Bay.
When a man can't even take a magic carpet ride. 
The guy in the blue almost makes me want to support violence.  
100% (Get it?)


Anonymous said...

Golfer guy...

He teed up beyond the tee markers on the tee box. He was on the green side of the tee markers which is against the rules.

Penalty, per the rules of golf in 2017, you get run over by a golf cart, but no stroke penalty in medal play and no lose of hole in match play. The ball is played where it lies.

RatherBeSailing said...

I played Runaway Bay for years and it was a great place to play golf and eat. That was when James Wood owned it and did a first class job of it. Haven even seen it in about 16 years so can't recommend it now.
Don't know why I commented, come to think about it.