Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Kids, no way. Firefighters? That bugs me, too. But I can't come up with a reason to ban them from public medians. (Assuming they aren't in the actual "middle" of an intersection.)
  • Wise County felony court numbers (the red dots) over last 18 months. (Those are official State stats, but I have my doubts. For example, that fourth "0" in the last column belongs to Williamson County with a population of a half a million. Nevertheless, those Wise County numbers seem about right.): 
  • The report also lists Wise County's 2015 population as 62,953 which also seems correct.
  • Flashback: MTV News reports on the Texxas Jam at the Cotton Bowl.  
  • Did you see the fight in New York City where one guy pulls out a machete? How about the guy shooting out the tires of an ATT truck for parking in front of his house? How about the plane landing on a Long Island highway before he got to a bridge?
  • The goofiest Texas politician managed to pose for a goofy photo last night: 
  • The City of Dallas now has a female and African American police chief, and Dallas County has a female and African American D.A. as well as a Hispanic, female, and openly gay Sheriff. 
  • And another (Georgia)
  • Trump news: (1) Everyone will be reminded today what he said about war hero John McCain (2) For some reason Trump gave a rambling, and at times incomprehensible , interview to the New York Times, (3) He remarkably said that he wouldn't have hired AG Sessions if he knew he would recuse himself and hire a special counsel for the Russia Investigation, (3A) He thinks a 21 year old can get health insurance for $12 a year, (4) The Senate Judiciary Committee wants Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort to testify before them next week, and (5) They want Jr. to bring a ton of documents and items including those related to the Ritz Carlton Moscow Hotel. Oh, my.
  • Prosper ISD is going to build a $48 million football stadium? Prosper!?
  • Jason Garrett is tone deaf.
  • So the Dallas police have suspended the investigation into Zeke. Serious question: When is the last time you ever heard of a police agency suspending an investigation? I've heard of suspending a search but never an investigation.  It's normally, "We will continue to pursue every lead."
  • You boys have a right to be angry:
  • Why do cops steal so many traffic signs?
  • There's a lot of freaking out about HBO announcing a series where slavery still exists in the South and America is headed to a civil war. Heck, has no one has seen Man In The High Castle? It's about America losing World War II -- Germany controls the east coast and Japan controls the west coast. 
  • It's "Dollar Day" at the Dallas Zoo. Who knew a heat stroke could be so cheap?