Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Nine people were found dead and at least 39 were found packed into a trailer in San Antonio in a "human trafficking" incident. Here's something I've heard no one mention: In 1987, eighteen undocumented aliens were found in a boxcar in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Dallas based KLIF conservative talk show host David Gold said at the time, which caused a firestorm, “I don’t know if your mind works like mine, but those people got what they deserved.”
  • Mrs. LL went to Roswell, NM with a friend. She was giddy. She sent this. 

  • One of our two U.S. senators, who I thought was the non-crazy one, thought this would be a good idea over the weekend: 
  • I had to have help identifying this bird at Lake Bridgeport. It's a Turkey Vulture. And, trust me, it was as big as a turkey. (And those white feathers are very close to a map of the U.S.)
  • The Cowboys' opening press conference was a train wreck. Jason way lying as usual, Jerry talked even crazier than usual, Stephen tried to keep it on track, and PR man Rich was tense. 
  • He's hard to keep up with. He was in full panic mode yesterday: 
  • And remember on Friday when I said the Times and the Post will bring him down?: 
  • And this morning he sent a message that Jeff Sessions days are numbered (they are) and that he continues to practice "whataboutism". This is not normal.:
  • Someone suggested this Cowboy's Lucky Whitehead "abducted dog" story was nothing but a publicity stunt for the Fort Worth rapper "Boogotti Kasino".  Love that name.  And The Ticket had him on for a segment on Friday and didn't lay a glove on him as they allowed him to promote his new "album". It was weird.
  • I had a Ticket personality, who I've done nothing but promote and speak fondly of over the years, go off on me online for my "that was a commercial disguised as a segment" position. (And then on his Sunday show, after years of trying to distance from saying, "I think space is super gay" said, regarding the current space program, "There's something selfish about space.")
  • It's going to be in the 100s this week. And that soaking rain last night, on and already saturated ground, in going to make is miserable. 
  • We built a $13 billion war ship? Yep. The USS Ford.
  • Jordan Speith: Good guy or spoiled brat?
  • I bet Yu Darvish ends up with the Dodgers.
  • If you are an employer and one of your employees is a member of "Proud Boys", you might want to re-think it. (I had no idea they existed.)