Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking: Bridgeport ISD Superintendent seems to be leaving
  • Mrs. LL is better. Me? I not so sure. I tried to cut her a deal to use her medicine last night but was denied. (And now I just learned that someone in my office building is going home sick.)
  • I've mentioned before that one of my guilty pleasures is the movie Executive Decision. It's even greater now because one of Trump's many ex-wives, Marla Maples, is in it, and at one point the Secretary of Defense, who is facing the decision to shoot down a U.S. commercial jet, say, "Get me the President on the line. It's and executive decision now."
  • I know most of you aren't inclined to watch a Sean Spicer news conference, but I beg you do so. No one takes a bigger beating than him. Yesterday, a really smart reporter asked in connection with Trump's ridiculous claim that Obama had bugged Trump Tower, why he wouldn't release the information of the basis of his claim if he is also calling for a Congressional investigation. Basically: Why have Congress figure it out if Trump already knows?
  • I saw the highlights of Dirk hitting the 30,000 point mark last night, and I saw how Cuban tried to make it all about him. (And he didn't draft Dirk.)
  • Trump really, really lied this morning: 
  • Special note to the guy who called me an appellate "novice" yesterday. My last three PDRs have been granted. How 'bout dat? (But you were right about there is still a need to file ten hard paper copies in the Court of Criminal Appeals in addition to e-filing. I find that amazing.)
  • I actually got sucked into The Bachorler the other night when everyone in the house was asking, "What do you think about her?" I told them she was trouble, and he needs to keep away from her. He then gave her a rose, and I threw my hands up. (Then I went to bed in shame for watching that dumb show.)
  • The Panhandle was on fire yesterday:
  • I watched Fox 4 News again last night. Steve Eagar flubbed two lines in the first four minutes.
  • That missing guy by Grapevine Lake is a bizarre story. His boat was found on shore and his two year old was found wandering. But he is still missing.