Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • He's lost his mind: 
  • I'm just glad he seems to be unaware of North Korea missile testing.
  • I lashed out at someone on Twitter this weekend because of something a guy said to me. Mrs. LL later: "You STAY in your three point stance." 
  • They are going to build an IKEA at 287 and I-35W.
  • Arkansas plans to execute eight men in ten days. There's no way an Arkansas jury and/or prosecutors got something wrong, right? 
  • There was a 7-alarm fire near Preston Road and Northwest Highway which destroyed all 60 units in the complex on Friday -- it was about as massive of a fire I've ever seen. 
  • I'm going more and more off the grid on weekends, and it is fantastic. 
  • Keller High School used an interesting character in one of its tweets this morning:
  • I went by downtown Fort Worth for the first time in a long time and saw a massive fenced in area east of 35. 200 feet tall? Is that a golf driving range?
  • I stumbled on Jaws this weekend and had completely forgotten how great it is. 
  • I'm still doing my boycott of Fox 4, but I think I found another station I can cross off my list: 
  • Donald Trump doesn't have a dog.