Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport's High School basketball coach, the one who led them to a controversial state championship, has resigned as coach. There's a lot going on over there.
  • "School principals and superintendents who fail to report teachers involved in inappropriate relationships with students could face criminal charges under a bill passed unanimously Wednesday in the Texas Senate." Hey, goofballs, there's been a law in place for years that says the same thing. 
  • I'll rank Tony Romo behind Danny White.
  • Repeal and Replace of Obamacare is going horribly. Who would have guessed? "The bill, as written, will not pass the Senate." - Ted Cruz
  • The suicide guy who was part of a post yesterday was such a danger that the cops found him asleep shortly after noon. 
  • A Wise County story. And, I'm not making this up, the guy's name is "Buck Wheat": 
  • Someone asked yesterday why the Secret Service was involved in the examination of the missing boater's cell phone found near Grapevine Lake. It's weird yet common. State authorities always rely upon them for computer diagnostics. And another area they have jurisdiction of: Counterfeiting. 
  • Channel 8 let Pete Delkus do sports last night and even go "Unplugged." That guy is such a beating and they promote him like a rock star.
  • I think I'm getting Tired Head over all this Dirk love and Romo love. All they do is play sports
  • The University of Michigan's basketball team had a scare yesterday: 
  • So did a lawyer (that's a funny headline.)
  • A group which has trained cops across the nation says it will abandon teaching an interrogation technique used for decades because it leads to false confessions. You've seen the technique in many a documentary: "The claustrophobic room, the repeated accusations of guilt, the presentation of evidence — real or invented — and the slow build-up of pressure that makes admitting a crime seem like the easiest way out." The key should not be to get a confession. The key should be to get to the truth.