Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL may have the flu. That puts me at home and praying I don't get the flu.
  • I've never seen so many people sick this winter/spring. I learned yesterday a gal at the courthouse had pneumonia. 
  • And winds of 40 miles an hour during blooming season doesn't help allergies. That was insane yesterday.
  • Trump, after his goofy "tapping" tweet, pretty much has hide from public view for two days. 
  • Jimmy Buffett is opening up a Margaritaville Retirement Community. First restaurants. Then hotels. He's been a cash machine for those willing to hear and buy into the same crap for years. (Seriously, how can people pay money to listen to Margaritaville for the millionth time?)
  • At the same time the College Freshman Not In The House is home for spring break, Mrs. LL has placed an envelope next to my recliner that is from "fedloan." I don't want to open it. She's a master of getting me to agree to stuff when I'm not paying attention. 
  • Alleged Fort Worth bad cop.  
  • The Republicans have released their replacement for Obamacare. It includes pre-existing conditions. The concept is great but that is not a viable business model for the open market. I said it a couple of weeks ago: Write down what your premium is now and what your deductible is and check back with me in four years. Both are going to explode.
  • Banking in Wise County has become very creative based upon an ad in the Update. 
  • I feel sorry for copying companies. I filed a Petition last week in Austin by e-filing. Just five years ago I had to go get 10 copies, bind it, and mail it. It's like the scene from Michael Scott in The Office when he tells a class of college students "Write this down. Paper is the future." and then the camera pans to the students who all "write" it down on their laptops. 
  • But there are just a handful of e-file companies who are approved by the State of Texas and they are making a fortune. There has to be so much corruption there to get that deal done.
  • I'm beginning to wonder if the prosecutors in the John Wiley Price trial know what they are doing. It took two hours to read the indictment and they have bored the jury to death during the first week. You don't win cases that way. 
  • Weight loss ads are the worst. I actually heard a radio ad this weekend which said, "If you experience too much weight loss from [the pill], just cut the dosage in half!" Come on. That's fraud. And the morning guys of WBAP should be scared about being sued for fraud -- they have consistently promoted weight loss programs that are worthless.