Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I thought that Tony Romo video, with Bob Dylan playing in the background, was cheesy. George Dunham of The Ticket this morning thought it was nothing more than an Under Armour product placement ad. 
  • Trump is going to have to release a proposed budget next week. This will be fascinating. 
  • I saw what I thought was going to be a fight behind Sweetie Pie's at lunch the other day in the parking lot behind it. It was a bunch of grown men who looked like they worked together and two to three of them were not happy with one another. 
  • Since  hospitals and insurance companies are against the GOP TrumpCare proposal, I think it might actually have merit.
  • I hate Girl Scout cookies, and I hate being bugged by Girl Scouts. #StayOffMyLawn #OldMan #DontCare
  • Mrs. LL is fascinated with any true crime murder stories. Documentaries. 20/20. That sort of thing. Makes me nervous. 
  • Hey, Wordkyle, it was announced this morning the unemployment has dropped to 4.7%. Still a fake number?
  • The Eighth Grader in The House and I have a routine: We leave the house at exactly 6:47 a.m. every morning. And we are never late, and I never have to tell her she's running late. Her discipline will pay off for her in the future. 
  • No one has greater retirement plans or health plans than government workers. And in Wise County, those are the most conservative people that exist. The smart ones realize the irony.