Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The first time Ag Commish Sid Miller has not sounded like and idiot. And it involves The Wall!: 

  • I learned a lot last night from a guy who actually legally hires Mexicans trying to come to the U.S. It was fascinating how it worked, what he had to go through, and the cost involved. You guys know about H2B workers? I didn't. 
  • "I think we'll have another vacancy this summer." - Ted Cruz yesterday at CPAC about the Supreme Court. (He might actually be the Zodiac killer.
  • Decatur's power went completely out for a time this morning. In this day and time, everyone just stops down because no one can work. (A terror attack on the U.S.'s electrical grid would be devastating.) 
  • A woman who received a large settlement from Tarrant County in 2012 over allegations of sexual harassment against former DA Joe Shannon had died in Parker County. Age 48. Cause unknown. 
  • Dr. Robert Jeffres of FBC of Dallas, on the other hand, is working to make appearances on Fox News: 
  • Lone Star Law on Animal Planet featuring Texas Game Wardens is very entertaining. Overall, I (amazingly) have no complaints about what I've seen. There's not really a detailed understanding by them of the Fourth Amendment but most have the attitude of giving someone "the benefit of the doubt". (Which, now that I think about it, is probably the best interpretation of the Fourth Amendment for cops if they don't want their cases thrown out.) But one guy in Hunt County did bother me: "If I see a car parked off the side of  a country road, I'm going to detain them and investigate." (And he has no idea how that statement will come back to haunt him.)
  • I had the worst criminal law teacher ever at Baylor Law School. Why? Because he had never handled a criminal case a day in his life. If I taught it, I'd spend a day teaching about a certain aspect of search and seizure and then on the next day play an episode of Cops, Lone Star Law, or the like. I'd hit the pause button from time to time and ask: Anyone see anything that stood out about what just happened? 
  • Watch this story. White House Chief of Staff Priebus leaned on the FBI to kill these Trump/Russia connection rumors while the FBI is investigating that possible connection. That's mind blowing.  It's either corruption or stupidity. The White House doesn't tell the FBI what to do. Has no one in the White House ever read about how Watergate went down and what happens when you try to interfere with an investigation? It does not go well. 
  • The DA dodged a bullet. (She was cleared by another DA without the case going to a grand jury.)

  • Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article134534064.html#storylink=cpy