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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the young man on his scouting pursuits.

DF Lord Baden-Powell

Anonymous said...

I'll bet anyone on here $100 to a package of Tom's peanuts that HB 2194 never sees a floor vote in both chambers.

DF Judge Wilhite

Anonymous said...

DF Judge Wilhite, I think you have a safe bet there. Colleges all over Texas are calling their rep/senator to smother this bill before it gets on the Legislative calendar. Too big a can of worms creating a board position for a governmental body without full voting rights on all issues. No such animal exists in city government, county government, state positions, public hospital boards, or special government sub-divisions created by Texas legislative act.

DF Legislative Budget Board

Anonymous said...

DF Judge:

You might want to reconsider before someone takes you up. Word out of Austin is that 2194 is getting ALOT of attention under the radar and that many believe it will hit the floor of both houses before the session is over. Take a look at how many other CC districts are addressing and practicing a similae issue.

DDF Ghost of Sam Houston