Random Monday Morning thoughts

  • Trump's "tweet of the weekend": 
  • Chris Wallace of Fox News was none too pleased with this attack on the free press, and he torched White House Chief of Staff Riece Prebius on Sunday because of it. "You don't get to tell the press what to do." 
  • The Thunder Truck was in Wise County! (Several hours too early, though.) And, yes, I believe the Thunder Truck is a ridiculous bit.
  • It sounds like San Antonio had a monster storm last night: 
  • Trump: Six rounds of golf in 30 days. 
  • Prestonwood Baptist Church is withholding funding from Southern Baptist Convention and Trump is one of the issues why. Jesus would be so proud of the the modern day mega-church. 
  • We've got to deal with new weeds in February? 
  • This battle between Wise County and Weatherford College regarding the county wanting a voting board member is getting interesting. Wise County pays a ton of tax dollars to them but gets no representation (but does get a lot of arrogant attitude.) If this were 1776, we would just take the campus in Wise County. 
  • Our refrigerator, that isn't that old, is beginning to get loud. I'm guessing that is not a good sign. 
  • I had no idea that when the headline came out last week that Wise County would be paying almost $50,000 to study "Internet infrastructure" that they were talking about Internet access across the county in general and not just for government offices. Isn't that a private sector issue? 
  • I got to see the documentary The Tower this weekend, and it may now be my favorite documentary. It was gut-wrenching. 
  • Oh  . . . 
  • The "transgender wrestler" story gives me Tired Head.