Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump repealed Obama's transgendered/bathroom guidelines which. legally, doesn't mean much. But I don't know why he did it. And, once again, he has trouble with consistency. This from last year: 
  • Call me a skeptic: NASA, whose budget has been slashed, just happens to make an "amazing" announcement about seven "earth like planets" around a different star. This as a new budget  under a new President is being prepared. The problem is that no one can refute anything they say. (They could have said two or twelve plants and described their condition in any way they wanted. Who could call them out?)
  • Commenters: I'm not going to post anything where you accuse someone of theft even if it is a public official. You want to call them a moron or incompetent, fine. But you can't anonymously accuse someone of breaking the law and without proof.
  • I've been on three different major roadways in Wise County over the last couple of weeks where it looks like a blood bath happened on the highway. Someone had this suggestion of what is happening: People are hitting wild hogs. 
  • Speaking of being skeptical, I hate crap like this: The Trump administration is accused of  being anti-Semitic so they send the VP to a damaged Jewish cemetery who then rakes leaves for two minutes for the cameras. 
    Other guy: "That's right, Mr. VP. That's how you rake."
  • Major League Baseball has a new rule where an intentional walk no longer requires four balls. The pitcher can just signal that's what he wants to do and the hitter takes first base. That rule will hardly speed up games. But what it really is is a trial balloon about changing the rules in a sport which never changes rules. If the fans accept it, there will be more to come. 
  • Someone needs to check on Ann. She's looking as bad as Kellyanne: 
  • Boyd's own and former Ticket host Greg "The Hammer" Williams got mad at a black guy last night on Twitter and called him "Sambo." 
  • Former Fox 4 Sean Hannity co-host and token liberal whipping boy, Alan Colmes has died. 
  • Confederate flag takedown:
  • I watched Blackish for the first time last night. Not bad. But one of the craziest ad gimmicks I've ever seen occurred: They cut to a commercial, and it was the same Blackish characters continuing a scene but making it very clear that it was a Microsoft ad.  That didn't bother me. I knew it was an ad, and it's an entirely clever way of advertising. 
  • What I hate are ads disguised as news stories: Case in point: Fox 4 doing a story last night of a preacher who had a "viral" video singing about Whataburger. They even interviewed him in a Whataburger where he sang about how great a particular burger was. Come on. Don't lie to us like that.