Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport may, or so I've heard, announce their new head football coach tomorrow. 
  • That Milo guy mired in a pedophilia comment scandal got fired by Breitbart yesterday. When you are a famous hardline conservative and Breitbart and CPAC don't want you, you've got big problems. 
  • On Sunday there were about 40 or more pro-Trump supporters on the Basswood bridge over I-35W in North Fort Worth.  They had signs, banners, and flags. 
  • Bad day on I-35E during rush hour yesterday: 
  • The Selena movie was on for the millionth time this weekend. I think Jennifer Lopez was a better Selena than Selena was. 
  • It is a major beating to get a replacement credit card with a new number when the old card was already set up for automatic bill pay on multiple accounts. 
  • I had trouble updating the card on CenturyLink and had to call customer service. The lady referred me to another department and then began to whip me to no end with questions of whether I wanted to upgrade my service. 
  • Some McKinney residents are worried about the location of the proposed 380 bypass. That reminded me that there use not to be a 380 bypass in Decatur and all traffic went right through the courthouse square -- rock trucks and all. 
  • Does this happen?:
  • The boys on WBAP this morning were stunned that the Democratic National Committee was considering as its president a Congressman out of Minnesota because he's a Muslim.  But, of course, the said they don't have anything against Muslims. Riiiight. They are constantly sounding like old men trying to send back soup in a deli. 
  • Interesting thing going on with concert tickets to combat scalpers. The credit card you bought the tickets with becomes your ticket. You show up with card to get in. (That's the way airline tickets have worked for years.)