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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport may, or so I've heard, announce their new head football coach tomorrow. 
  • That Milo guy mired in a pedophilia comment scandal got fired by Breitbart yesterday. When you are a famous hardline conservative and Breitbart and CPAC don't want you, you've got big problems. 
  • On Sunday there were about 40 or more pro-Trump supporters on the Basswood bridge over I-35W in North Fort Worth.  They had signs, banners, and flags. 
  • Bad day on I-35E during rush hour yesterday: 
  • The Selena movie was on for the millionth time this weekend. I think Jennifer Lopez was a better Selena than Selena was. 
  • It is a major beating to get a replacement credit card with a new number when the old card was already set up for automatic bill pay on multiple accounts. 
  • I had trouble updating the card on CenturyLink and had to call customer service. The lady referred me to another department and then began to whip me to no end with questions of whether I wanted to upgrade my service. 
  • Some McKinney residents are worried about the location of the proposed 380 bypass. That reminded me that there use not to be a 380 bypass in Decatur and all traffic went right through the courthouse square -- rock trucks and all. 
  • Does this happen?:
  • The boys on WBAP this morning were stunned that the Democratic National Committee was considering as its president a Congressman out of Minnesota because he's a Muslim.  But, of course, the said they don't have anything against Muslims. Riiiight. They are constantly sounding like old men trying to send back soup in a deli. 
  • Interesting thing going on with concert tickets to combat scalpers. The credit card you bought the tickets with becomes your ticket. You show up with card to get in. (That's the way airline tickets have worked for years.) 


Anonymous said...

no mention on Clark whipping Weatherford College a$$ in Austin yesterday???

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport had three of the worst finalist I have ever seen. I don't see why a committee of 7 parents makes these choices.

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport may be bad but I will trade you our AD at Decatur in a heart beat and you can take his overpaid wife too! What a waste ! Why did we hire shaggy?

Anonymous said...

It would be decidedly deliscous if the DNC pulls the trigger on Keith Ellison heading up the org.
Talk about a circular firing squad metaphor in action.
The best thing is for conservatives to raise Cain about it- therefore the DNC will pull the trigger.

Not Sam

Anonymous said...

Amen to the new/replacement credit issues. Yuck!

Yet again this morning, in a newscaster discussion of deportation rules/regs and their effect on illegal "immigrants". Not illegal aliens, but "immigrants". Those who illegally enter this (or any other country, by the way) usually cannot become "legal" in order to immigrate. Hard to legally immigrate when you enter illegally. And that's been the law for how long (he asks rhetorically)? FOREVER. Just watch and see if ANY other news channel uses the term "alien" when referring to those who are here illegally. You'd think they feel like it's become the new "N" word, which it ain't. (I do detest the "n" word, by the way.)

Immigration is what made this country what it is, and made it great. Heck it even helped us win WWII because of all the brightest and best IMMIGRANTS who came here to escape Naziism!! But aliens are another matter altogether.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the people who move into new subdivisions in places like McKinney, then get all sideways and want to shut the gate behind them when others want to do the same thing, or when the population growth they are partly the cause of requires decisions like new roads; or when they move into an area that is clearly planned for future roadways and growth. But these folks are not as entertaining as those who move next to 100 year old railroad tracks and then complain that trains make noise. Or next to an airport and then complain that planes make noise.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what's a beating. The state spent millions of dollars making 101, 114 & 380 4 lane roads for safer travel. So what happens? Most of the rock trucks now drive down narrow, 2 lane 1810. DPS should start setting up scales every day at the checkpoint they built on 1810 at 1655. Then those trucks would avoid 1810 like the plague.

Anonymous said...

I myself have never seen a flaming tumbleweed, either. I suspect they originate from the Oak Lawn area of Dallas.

DF heterosexual tumbleweed

Anonymous said...

8:47 AM re: "Bridgeport had three of the worst finalist I have ever seen. I don't see why a committee of 7 parents makes these choices."
Parents make the final choices? I thought Bland did. Really, can you explain the process?

Anonymous said...

Keith Ellison also said that the US should have a seperate nation just for the blacks. KOOOKOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Who are they?

Anonymous said...

He is right and we should call it Africa.

Triple Fake... said...

"I think Jennifer Lopez was a better Selena than Selena was."

Yeah, butt that's...hindsight!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of athletics in the Bridgeport schools and fire all the coaches. I could give a rat's ass how high the students can jump or how fast they can run. My main concern is how are their test scores in the sciences and math. Take a look at these values and maybe you will figure out why we are importing so many doctors.

Harry Hamid said...

Hi, Barry. Did you see the story about the Social Security Administrative Law Judge suing over having to watch a diversity training video? The grounds? LGBT training violates his religious freedom.

My office does Social Security hearings a lot. The Houston OHA office in question used to have the lowest approval rate for disability benefit hearings of any office in the country.

And we represent a lot of LGBT clients.

Further than that I won't go, but it is an interesting case:

Anonymous said...

9:07 that's some funny stuff. I enjoyed it.

Df Humor Connoisseur

Anonymous said...

Not a big Jennifer Lopez fan, but the Selena movie was one of her two best films. The other was where she played a federal cop with a romantic interest in a prison escapee (George Clooney).

DF Hollywood Reporter

Anonymous said...

Don't those Trumpers on the bridge have day jobs to go to?

DF Snarky Liberal

Anonymous said...

I believe Milo resigned from Breitbart News as they were standing by him through this bit of controversy.

Keith Ellison is actually a racist, left wing liberal, Muslim, nut job. I do so hope he's chosen to head the DNC on their accelerated journey to irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

"But aliens are another matter altogether."

You misspelled "black and brown people".


Anonymous said...

Just imagine what we'd have to spend, as a country and as states, on education, transportation, the arts, quality of life, or in tax savings...if we weren't overall so criminal in our ways and so unhealthy in our habits, and struggling to pay for all the ills and indirect impacts of just those two basic things.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't see those crushers that are on 1810? I am sure that they paid taxes just like you do so that road is just as much theirs to use as yours.
I know you hate rock trucks, but do you like driving on dirt more? Apparently so. How about how much in taxes that those crushers bring in to the community? How about the number of jobs?
Nah? You would rather bitch about something.

Anonymous said...

Does BG ever comment on here??

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those two ladies realize that, even if driving at space shuttle speed, which could make 85 full laps around Daytona before Dale Jr. could even finish one lap, it would still take 160,000 years at that speed to reach the nearest star to our sun.

Anonymous said...

Heard where WBAP had a "liberal" voice on the Chris Salcedo Show...maybe a future discussion/debate show?

The Devil said...

Those tumbleweeds were born that way!

Anonymous said...

12:26 - Defending rock haulers? Surely you have something better to do.

Anonymous said...

Oh BuBear ragging on others for pedophilia.

You might want to consider the age of many of the random thought girls you're posting lately and check down a bit.

The Real Hardy Har Man

Anonymous said...

I believe routes are set by DOT, not drivers.

mzchief said...

I have no problem with law enforcement enforcing immigration law. I don't find it racist or even remotely bigoted. However, as I've stated for over a decade, on The Blog, the US needs to institute a viable guest worker's policy as well as reform existing immigration policies and laws. I believe it's shameful that the US has failed to address the permanent undocumented/illegal alien population, perpetually using it as a political lightning rod.

Using the term "immigrant" when referencing an undocumented/illegal alien is not only inaccurate it's offensive to foreign nationals/aliens who've expended the time, effort and expense to immigrate to the USA.

According to the Congressional Budget Office

Alien: refers to any individual who is not a citizen of the United States.

Immigrant: refers to an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence; such people also may be referred to as lawful permanent residents.

Nonimmigrant: refers to an alien who seeks temporary entry to the United States for a specific purpose. Nonimmigrants include tourists, temporary workers, business executives, students and diplomats.

SOURCE you'll need to click "pdf" and then scroll down to page three, which is actually 15/36, and read the content in "Box 1. Definition of Terms"

It is not racist to refer to an alien, who is illegally residing in the US, as an illegal alien.

Calling an undocumented/illegal alien an "undocumented/illegal immigrant" is akin to calling a drug dealer an "undocumented/illegal pharmicist."

Anonymous said...

The AD hiring process as I understand it. 10 committee members consisting of 5 parents and 5 faculty members. 147 applicants applied, qualifications had to be a head coach or AD for class 2A and above or coordinator for any program 4A and above. Committee looked through all applications and compiled a list of 10 for interviews with 2 alternates. Committee performed the 10 interviews and submitted a list of the top 3 to the Superintendent. Sup performed the second interview , called references,background check ect.. will take recommendation to school board for hire.