I Want The Back Story On This

It sounds like this is a horrible DWI case with a death and the defendant's family, at least one of them, are in the gallery "laughing and smirking." That's not on camera.

Ok, let's be clear. That's offensive. And dumb.

But here's what I'm curious about. The video starts with the judge admonishing a man for "smiling and laughing". It seems like he is the one who leaves at the beginning. He walks through the exit.

Then a woman gets up and walks out.  The judge has her hauled back in and sentenced to 93 days in jail for contempt. I don't know what she did in the gallery. I'm not sure she did anything. It almost seems the judge got pissed simply because she walked out during the judge's tirade. If that's true. We've got a Judge Judy on our hands.

Like I said, I want the background.

Or maybe the judge didn't like the outfit.