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So I Have A Random Thought About Receiving Tips And Then Receive This

Note: It's a lawsuit. Anyone can allege anything. It's then up to those making the accusations to prove it.  If the allegations are true, he should be held accountable. If they are not, he is truly a victim. And I mean that. Hey, I just watched Gone Girl so that makes me an expert.

From his website.

And more from his website:

At stake is someone’s divine gift of life, liberty, or property, and the judge has moral obligation to the Creator to make sure that Gift is protected, both in civil cases , or in the determination of guilt of someone accused of a crime. . . .  There are many different definitions of what is a conservative judge. Having a respect for the limitations of the Constitution, and a moral obligation to protect those unalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator is mine.

His little used Twitter page will provide comedy for only the most faithful and astute reader of Liberally Lean.