The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Ashley Madison adulterer email list was released by hackers yesterday.  I envisioned Maury Povich looking at me and saying, "You are not on the list! You are not on the list!"
  • There is another police controversial police shooting -- this time in St. Louis. 
  • Mark Davis opened his radio show today talking about that shooting and asking, after some careful hesitation which apparently was not long enough, "Is it ever OK to shoot a black guy?" I should note that immediately after that he mentioned that line might have been a "career definer" for him. 
  • Someone asked me what I thought about Hillary's chances for the Democratic nomination. If I had to bet money, I'd bet on her.  But there might be something in the air.
  • Denton attorney Rick Hagen has announced he is running for a Texas House seat. I hope he wins  because I know him, and I think he would actually tell me what goes on down there. Also, he announced his candidacy at a restaurant called El Guapo’s. He should win by default simply for that power and/or comedic move.   
  • I had yet another thought about my crazy-kill-your-child-before-age-of-accountability hypo: A believer wouldn't do that primarily because they have a doubt, a reasonable one, about whether the child would really go to heaven. Put another way, he does not believe it beyond a reasonable doubt. 
  • How do Subway Jared'd federal case get wrapped up in record time while John Wiley Price's case goes on for years. 
  • And is there something weird about the government collecting "restitution" of $100,000 each for 14 victims? Are they prosecutors or plaintiff's attorney? 
  • Yvonne Craig, who appeared at Batgirl in the original Batman TV show (comedy genius by they way), has died. She was truly my first boyhood crush. And, as I look back, "Hey, Now" was justifiably deserved. (Fun fact: She appeared with Elvis in It Happened At The World’s Fair (1963) and Kissin’ Cousins (1964))
  • I need to start a Liberally Lean Hall of Fame. It would be unique. For example, Yvonne Craig: In. Elvis: Out. 
  • Eight years ago the starting salary for a new assistant DA was in the mid $50s. Has it gone up? There may be a new phenomenon going on where the public sector always gets a raise while the private sector wages become stagnant.