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Our Texas Ag Commissioner


He's currently on a 11 day trip to China that you are paying for.


Anonymous said...

Since we're paying for the trip, can we get a refund on the return ticket and just leave him there?

Anonymous said...

He is also factually incorrect.

The peace treaty with Japan was signed on 9/2/45 on the deck of the USS Missouri.

Some people refer to a radio broadcast made by the Japanese Emperor on 8/15/45 when he stated Japan would accept the terms laid out in the Potsdam Declaration as the end of the war, but it was not 8/9/45.

Anonymous said...

Why is war the only answer for conservatards?

Anonymous said...

1:29 why do you ask such a war baiting question?

Answer: You're Al Sharpton or You're a typical Libtard (start some shit while you get...)

Anonymous said...

Typical Liberally Lean descent into name-calling...

It's amazing that the lawyers and politicians and cops who post here display such childish behavior. That goes especially for the blog host. Act your age, Barry. Wipe off the mascara and grow a pair.

Speaking of paying for things, why don't you complain about the IRS? Or Lois Lerner? Or Hillary, for that matter? This political game of yours is not as one-sided as you would have it appear.

Anonymous said...

What's Going ON

Father, father
We don't need to escalate
You see, war is not the answer
For only love can conquer hate
You know we've got to find a way
To bring some lovin' here today

Triple Fake... said...

Subtle, Sid!

Anonymous said...

1:25 - The significance of the date is the bombing of Nagasaki, not the signing of the resulting peace treaty.

So, yes, technically speaking, the Ag Commissioner is incorrect. But for all practical purposes, he is correct.

(But I still think we should leave him in China.)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Sid! Read your history. The power of the bomb almost didn't end WW2 in Japan. There was a military plot by ultra hardliners to 1) prevent the radio broadcast of the pre-recorded Emperor's capitulation speech and 2) a plan to kidnap the Emperor. Both actions would have kept the war going in spite of the atomic bomb devastation. Thank goodness they failed. Zealots are not completely pacified unless you kill every last one usually. Or undercut their basis of home support, like the Emperor did.

DF Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur

Anonymous said...

Why is cutting off heads the only answer for Muslims ?
Why are liberals such Pansy's ?

Anonymous said...

Guess i'm a zealot. War is about intimadation. We haven't won one since and now we are buddies .Who is their largest neighbor ? China !Even an idiot can figure that out .We didn't win in Korea because we were afraid of China and China didn't push because o their back door neighbor . Sooooo as long as we don't cancel football season we are o k with all that .

Anonymous said...

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