I'll Be In The Storm Cellar For A Bit

This is kind of a big story this afternoon in the sports world.  I'm OK. Really. I'm fine.

And get ready for the Art Briles sound bite of "Let's talk about football" from this morning. That will not play well.

Random thought: I'm in the criminal law business. The power of a verdict has consequences for many, many people other than those involved in the trial. A guilty verdict is considered as conclusive proof of guilt. A not guilty verdict is interpreted as a conclusive finding of innocence. Both propositions are incorrect. Baylor and Briles are now in the media's cross-hairs. A guilty verdict yesterday prompted this. A not guilty verdict yesterday would have brought news today of how an innocent man was wrongfully accused and Baylor supported him through it all. This isn't to diminish the crime if one was committed, and I'm not saying this jury was wrong. I am only saying a jury's decision changes everything.

I tell every jury panel: "There are no second chances. There are no do overs. You cannot afford to be wrong."