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I Missed This Press Release From The Wise County Republican Party

I'll call it "interesting." It's basically:  "Republicans aren't mad enough about this same sex ruling!  But I'll tell you one thing, preachers on TV are telling me to take a stand. And Robert Jeffers is one of them!"

Friday's Supreme Court really did not come as a huge surprise, we all suspected it was bound to happen. What was really surprising is the response, or lack thereof, by the GOP leadership.

Facebook is awash with those who are blatantly against it (as well as the whole rebel flag controversy), and those who have changed their profile photo to a rainbow.  However, we are in a time where we truly must know what we believe, and actually take a stand.  Not get caught up in the issues that may take away from the importance of things that speak to the very heart of our belief system.  

I happened to be in a store on Sunday and saw a headline on the TV screen that said "GOP Split over Same Sex Marriage."  I was a bit shocked until I saw it was CNN... so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Then I read an article and realized that we are not hearing the huge outcry one would expect from the leaders of a party that is supposed to STAND for traditional marriage.  You see the article stated that the GOP is split on the issue because many are leaning more toward the younger conservatives acceptance of gay rights.  To read the entire article, click here.

You see, the Republican leaders are more concerned about the issues with the health care law among other things.  While the health care law is extremely important, why aren't our leaders being more vocal on this vote and the real impact it has on their constituents?  We do have some, like our Governor, who is being very vocal, while many at the national level are not. 

Wise County will be issuing the marriage licenses soon, and other counties are seeing their County Clerk's refusing to issue the licenses, and either resigning or having to go into hiding due to threats. 

Many officials will be forced to choose between their moral conscience and the law, while the Southern Baptist Convention is calling for civil disobedience because of this ruling.  See complete article here.  16 million people in the US are being called upon to stand up.  This could have far-reaching implications in the work-place, in cities, towns, and governments, the likes of which we haven't begun to see.

While driving home from East Texas Sunday morning, I heard the live sermon from Dr. Jeffers, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, preaching on Civil Disobedience.  His basic message was how to know when it is proper.  Bottom line, Civil Disobedience is appropriate when the laws of the land go against the moral laws of God.  He used Martin Luther King as an example. 

MLK knew that civil rights were the rights God ordained for all men.  He also knew he would pay a price to stand up against the laws of the land, and he did, with his very life.  But Dr. Jeffers wasn't the only one preaching this message, many on TV and on the air-waves preached the same sort of sermon, stating we must take a stand.

Before too much time has past, I wanted to share the actual GOP platform on the issue so you can decide if you are willing to stand as a true Republican, much less a true conservative.  The statements are in the section below with a link to the entire platform.  Hopefully, you have already decided within your own conscience on the issue, understanding the full spiritual implications. 

Only time will tell what this decision will fully mean for our nation.  Now, however, we must decide what it will mean for Wise County.  If we don't think it will impact us here, we are only fooling ourselves. 

Connie Swain
Communications Director