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I Would Pay Money To See This If It Had Been That Tweeting Texas Judge

(Source) A woman made quite the scene in a Broward courtroom this week when she flashed the judge. Susan Surrette, 54, of Fort Lauderdale was arrested on Wednesday for disorderly intoxication.  When Judge John Hurley asked Surrette what she does for employment, she said she works as an escort and porn star named Kayla Kupcakes.
While the judge was reading her charges in bond court, Surrette made some disturbing claims about being roughhoused by police. What she did next, however, left the courtroom in shock.

I don't know what gets my attention more. A gal trying to prove she's been injured and pulls no punches to make her point, or a judge who acts like he just seen something he's never seen before.  And think I'll take her side simply because of the name Kupcakes.

(Very random thought: If anyone else thought of a court scene from the very old movie Night Shift, we are kindred spirits.)