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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I had my oil changed this weekend and had to go through the "Uh, sir. Can I show you a couple of things?" routine.  I actually agreed to one of the things he suggested. Minutes later I decided that I should have said, "You might be screwing me over. If you're not, thank you. If you are, remember this moment later tonight." 
  • When it comes to "should have said", I'm George Costanza. ("Well, the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you.")
  • Julian Bond died over the weekend. I knew nothing about him. In 1965 he won a Georgia state rep seat but the Georgia state representatives voted 184-12 not to seat him because he opposed the Vietnam War. Wow. It took the Supreme Court to set Georgia straight
  • Ben Carson seems like a great guy, but I'd have reservations about him operating on my brain. He just comes across as a regular guy instead of a neurosurgeon.
  • For over a decade I've gone to driver's license hearings in Fort Worth off Camp Bowie Boulevard. Throughout that time, there was a Planned Parenthood clinic in the same complex. It is now gone.
  • Official Liberally Lean Baseball Player Man Chris Davis has six home runs in his last six games. 
  • We always seem to see a notice that a Wise County government office will be "closed for training". I can't remember ever seeing a private business locking its doors for training. 
  • Official Liberally Lean Girl Britney Spears was at the Teen Choice Awards last night. "Hey, now."
  • I'm interested: A movie about the 1988 Carter Cowboys.  I addition to becoming famous for beating Odessa Permian (the subject of Friday Night Lights), six players became infamous for being sentenced for robbery. I know that I remember a photograph of them being to taken into court in a chain gang, but I couldn't find it. 
  • The raw footage of the explosions at that China chemical plant is amazing. But the guy filming it proved he was an idiot with his play by play account. (Language warning.) 
  • The Tea Party was bragging about raising $230,000 from a "money bomb" this weekend for state rep. Jonathan Stickland. "The result? His constituents love him." I guess that's impressive but for every $1 a person donated a SuperPAC matched it with $3. 
  • Matt Jones hitting second shot from the carpet of a hospitality tent at the PGA Championship was funny. I just wished he would have looked at the camera and said, "Kind of a thin lie." (Tin Cup bar scene shot reference). 
  • I'm finally beginning to watch Jon Oliver on HBO and caught his show on sex education, date rape, etc.  In talking about our culture, he brought up a line from a song from Grease: "Tell me more. Tell me more. Did she put up a fight?"  How did we just ignore that?
  • I can never catch the name of the band, but there is a Bomb Factory commercial on The Ticket's online feed where the announcer refers to "their hit song 'Jesus Christ'." So jarring. 
  • A thought provoking and disturbing question I heard this weekend: If a parent believes that a child will absolutely spend eternity in heaven if the child were to die before the "age of accountability", why wouldn't that parent kill his child before that age to guarantee that happens? His point was: Does the parent truly believe that?