Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "News" that beat me down yesterday: Blue Bell ice cream being back. (And never has there been a product that killed people be the recipient of so much free advertising of praise.)
  • "News" that will beat me down today: The fried junk will be offered at the State Fair this year.
  • I get anpymous tips all the time, and I got one yesterday that really got my attention. In crazy Palo Pinto County, a real estate agent with cancer (who just died) was indicted for stealing "real estate listings".  I'm on it. 
  • Special note to those who comment on Wise County school boards: I can't post any comment where you allege theft or corruption unless there are facts to back it up. You can call them crazy, lazy, or incompetent, but you can't accuse them of a crime. 
  • The County Clerk who initially refused to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple "ended up costing Hood County $43,872.10 in attorney’s fees." You know what gets my attention? The fees. There are now a billion lawyers out there. Some are actually competent.  If you pay a high fee believing that you are getting the "best" representation, you are getting scammed.  And government employees who approve these type of checks gets scammed the most. 
  • And that leads me to this thought: You want to get rich? Be in the private sector and get a government contract. I doesn't matter whether it is in the field of legal, information systems, defense, or construction, you will be overpaid and once you are in -- you're in. It may not be as big of a scam as the government employee who "works from home", but it's still normally a scam. 
  • It was a slow news day yesterday and Fox 4 led with a "Deputy Saves Baby From Hot Car". "Deputy  Matthew Slater noticed the child alone inside the hot SUV and broke the window with a pocket knife to get the baby out." Uh, first, it happened almost three weeks ago. Secondly, the video report says "several people had spotted the child in distress". But get this: Reporter Richard Ray said the station was "a little bit surprised" that it took the story this long to come out but Fox 4 was contacted yesterday by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office to make sure the deputy got the recognition he deserved.   Uh, it's his job.
  • Note to Fox 4: Your new website design is a disaster. Am I the only one who sees that the top half scrolls (weird) and the bottom half seems stationary but it looks like there is more content that you can't see? (And don't click on the link to the story about the deputy "saving" the baby. There is a 1:43 minute advertisement before you get to it. Incredible.) 
  • A faithful reader, who remembed a Random Thought from yesterday, forwarded me a tweet from a third party this morning.: "#NowPlaying 'Jesus Christ' by Brand New from The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me ♫ http://spoti.fi/K1XALv". 
  • Rick Santorum was at the Iowa State Fair this weekend and said we need to send troops into Iraq and then into Syria. Oh, my. But he is so irrelevant that I can't find the text of the speech. Coverage of Donald Trump and his helicopter arriving at the fair, on the other hand, that's easy to find coverage of. 
  • I still like my question from yesterday regarding the "age of accountability".  Some people said a parent should not kill his/her child because it is a sin and "against the law". ("Sheesh" on the latter). Let me remind you that we are talking about a guarantee of your child spending eternity in heaven. And parents would give up their life for their child, right? So wouldn't  you do anything to guarantee you child is in heaven forever? (I would suspect forgiveness and salvation would still be intact for you if you were willing to be a modern day Abraham, but I'll leave that aside since this whole hypothetical is weird enough already.)