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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "News" that beat me down yesterday: Blue Bell ice cream being back. (And never has there been a product that killed people be the recipient of so much free advertising of praise.)
  • "News" that will beat me down today: The fried junk will be offered at the State Fair this year.
  • I get anpymous tips all the time, and I got one yesterday that really got my attention. In crazy Palo Pinto County, a real estate agent with cancer (who just died) was indicted for stealing "real estate listings".  I'm on it. 
  • Special note to those who comment on Wise County school boards: I can't post any comment where you allege theft or corruption unless there are facts to back it up. You can call them crazy, lazy, or incompetent, but you can't accuse them of a crime. 
  • The County Clerk who initially refused to issue a marriage license to a same sex couple "ended up costing Hood County $43,872.10 in attorney’s fees." You know what gets my attention? The fees. There are now a billion lawyers out there. Some are actually competent.  If you pay a high fee believing that you are getting the "best" representation, you are getting scammed.  And government employees who approve these type of checks gets scammed the most. 
  • And that leads me to this thought: You want to get rich? Be in the private sector and get a government contract. I doesn't matter whether it is in the field of legal, information systems, defense, or construction, you will be overpaid and once you are in -- you're in. It may not be as big of a scam as the government employee who "works from home", but it's still normally a scam. 
  • It was a slow news day yesterday and Fox 4 led with a "Deputy Saves Baby From Hot Car". "Deputy  Matthew Slater noticed the child alone inside the hot SUV and broke the window with a pocket knife to get the baby out." Uh, first, it happened almost three weeks ago. Secondly, the video report says "several people had spotted the child in distress". But get this: Reporter Richard Ray said the station was "a little bit surprised" that it took the story this long to come out but Fox 4 was contacted yesterday by the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office to make sure the deputy got the recognition he deserved.   Uh, it's his job.
  • Note to Fox 4: Your new website design is a disaster. Am I the only one who sees that the top half scrolls (weird) and the bottom half seems stationary but it looks like there is more content that you can't see? (And don't click on the link to the story about the deputy "saving" the baby. There is a 1:43 minute advertisement before you get to it. Incredible.) 
  • A faithful reader, who remembed a Random Thought from yesterday, forwarded me a tweet from a third party this morning.: "#NowPlaying 'Jesus Christ' by Brand New from The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me ♫". 
  • Rick Santorum was at the Iowa State Fair this weekend and said we need to send troops into Iraq and then into Syria. Oh, my. But he is so irrelevant that I can't find the text of the speech. Coverage of Donald Trump and his helicopter arriving at the fair, on the other hand, that's easy to find coverage of. 
  • I still like my question from yesterday regarding the "age of accountability".  Some people said a parent should not kill his/her child because it is a sin and "against the law". ("Sheesh" on the latter). Let me remind you that we are talking about a guarantee of your child spending eternity in heaven. And parents would give up their life for their child, right? So wouldn't  you do anything to guarantee you child is in heaven forever? (I would suspect forgiveness and salvation would still be intact for you if you were willing to be a modern day Abraham, but I'll leave that aside since this whole hypothetical is weird enough already.)


Anonymous said...

Foolish Barry sitting in his dorm room trying to find God's loopholes.

Anonymous said...

Hyperbole much??

I'm glad Blue Bell is coming back. I haven't had a serving of Ice Cream since I ran out of my secret stash post recall.

I don't know, if maybe more than 3 people in 4 states had died,
( people would have been a little less likely to welcome God's Gift to Ice Cream back

Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State resulted in more deaths and the knuckle heads are lining up to send her to the White House. That ought to be a beat down for you.

HarveyLee said...

Hey LL; consult your brother on Bible matters.

Anonymous said...

The RTG Girl, I would classify as good enough for a wife-for-a-night. Not bad, but not good either. Hard work to satisfy the masses Barry.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you act like you've stumbled onto the Holy Grail with this hypothetical about parents and the age of accountability. It's bigger than that and as obvious as can be. Do you understand that hospitals all over the world are full of people who profess that they are one heartbeat away from eternal paradise but are holding onto life by their fingernails and willing to spend as much money as they, insurance companies and medicare can pay? Imagine if all the Christians on medicare who say they believe they are going to heaven just said "no thanks, I don't want any treatment, I'm just gonna let this thing wind down. Can't wait." Medicare insolvency solved! Think of it. One heartbeat away from eternal paradise. Why even look both ways when you cross the street? why take any medicine? Because it's not "my time to go?" Who says. Isn't it your time to go when you get sick and you are stalling God by taking medicine? The reason nobody lives like that is because NOBODY REALLY believes it. They hope, but they're not willing to bet their life on it.

wordkyle said...

Re your "age of accountability" question - The way you posed it seems to leave a devout Christian parent with only two choices, being a hypocrite or being a sociopath. Two small observations, though. Your "And parents would give up their life for their child, right?" is correct in that a parent would sacrifice to save the child's life. And such a parent would likely bring a child into the world for the selfish reason of having a loving and caring relationship. That "selfishness" would inhibit your suggested filicide.

"Would you sacrifice your own soul to guarantee a loved one's place in heaven?" is the basis for a lot of comic books.

Anonymous said...

No direct evidence that BB killed anyone. The link is from the WSJ, so I am sure you will deem it not credible. Really this is just BG disguising a rant against his nemesis, the news story "advertisement."

Anonymous said...

9:12 Amen, Brother about Hillary. Beat Down. Idiocracy or what?

RTG is much better, Barry. Thanks, but why is she on a table?

Triple Fake... said...

"And parents would give up their life for their child, right?"
Big difference between your life and your soul.
And how many people are capable of killing an innocent child, not to mention their own child? If you knew that was a possibility, why would you even have kids in the first place? To score some points by populating heaven?
Just to simplify the stance from yesterday: It's kind of a given that innocence results in a free pass to heaven. So why aren't there tons of stories about people "sending" their kids to heaven. Pretty much guaranteed, right?

Regardless of whether the S.O. wanted recognition for the deputy, that story needs to be broadcast, because apparently some people still don't get that you can't leave kids in a hot car. Unless it was the parents' attempt to send the kid to heaven, in which case, the deputy was denying them the right to practice their religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Your question is just one that pokes a big hole in the absurd, devilish theory of eternal torment. Under that theory, about 10% of the world's population that has ever lived goes to heaven because they are truly "born again Christians." 90% spend their days on the other side in eternal torment.
So, the math is as follows: (1) Adam (metaphorical or literal, however you want to conceive him) -- he gets 100% of the people. (2) Satan, the Devil, Evil, however you want to describe the anti-God entity - 90%. (3) Jesus, King of kings and Lord of lords - 10%.
Some King of kings and Lord of lords!
In reality, the evangelical, eternal tormenters have made man God because man decides his destiny. Of course, man had no choice in following Adam. Adam was a great king. You "automatically" follow him. That makes him very, very powerful.
Satan/Devil/Father of Lies - 90% "choose" him because of where they're born or because of having the powerful king, Adam, who sires them in sin to begin with. It's a HELLuva start; no wonder Satan's numbers are so high!
ON THE OTHER HAND, eternal tormenters could awaken to their bibles which draw the comparison between King Adam and King Jesus, saying this: "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all people sinned... BUT the gift is not like the trespass of the one man. For if the many (ALL) died by the trespass of one man, how much more did God's grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many (ALL). CONSEQUENTLY, for just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made godly. (It's not that Uncle John prayed the prayer when he was 12 at bible camp that gets him there. The One secured Uncle John's future.)
1 Corinthians 15:22 For as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive.
The eternal tormenters need to awaken to restorative justice being better than retributive justice.
Mercy > Judgment.

DF JG Cartwright said...

Can you look into why the Boyd Post office is in such shambles? the roof has been covered with tarps for a month and its probably been that long since the grass has been mowed... Boyd's finest love to write tickets, lets get them on some City Ordinance infractions!
Come on Skippy, let's report stuff that matters!!!

Anonymous said...

anpymous? really bu?

Anonymous said...

9:12 learned a new word last week. Now try and work lacuna and lugubrious into you comments.

Anonymous said...

I would totally do the wife hot babe RTG despite the fake finger nails.
But then I noticed that one fake nail missing form the little finger.


Anonymous said...

New Blue Bell flavor to hit shelves next month "Literally Death By Chocolate". I can't wait!

DF Benjamin N. Jerrys III

Gary Lindsey said...

Hey B,

This happened several years ago, no? Didn't some mom drive her kids into a lake or something under the impression that she was doing them a favor and they'd go directly to heaven? I guess I support that, as its one less person in line, but I suspect that the majority of America would consider you crazy, despite their religious beliefs. Its an interesting question, though.

Anonymous said...

How can the courts override state laws and force rump ranger marriages on us and yet won't protect my right to have two wives?

Big Tex's Calf Fries said...

Chicken Fried Lobster is a genius idea...I'm just saying!

Anonymous said...

I love your "age of accountability" thought because it's one of those things that make religious people's heads spin.

I don't even understand why religious people cry at funerals. The person that dies just went to the place that all of you are living your entire life to get to yourselves, right?

Plus, you will get to hang with them for all of eternity (you know trillions of years... that won't get boring) once you get there, right?

Shouldn't it be a happy event?

Anonymous said...

Boyd post office looks like the Rhome city council.

Anonymous said...

So what's your game, Green? Are you trying to convince more crazy people who believe completely and unquestioningly in God to commit infanticide, a href="">as so many have before?

Or are you just pointing out the stupidity of unveering assent to the direction of voices in your head.

Anonymous said...

Hey I agree with Wordkyle for once!

Most devout christians are hypocrites and/or sociopaths.

Plus, we now know that Wordy gets his info from Fauxnews AND comic books!

Anonymous said...

I think your hypothetical is a great one.

What is more important to a Biblical literalist? Temporary life on earth or infinite life in heaven.

It's black and white if you are a Biblical literalist.

So the fact that infinite life in heaven would certainly be the choice, does that call into question that the Bible then shouldn't be taken literally being that it's a man written book with human interpretation that is flawed many times?

mzchief said...

Faith may instill the belief that it's best for a parent to murder their child so that child can go to Heaven. Biology dictates that a psychologically healthy parent must do everything possible to assure their offspring/DNA survives to reproduce. Thankfully, for the human species, biology has won out over religious faith.

Anonymous said...

You people just make this up as you go along. Allah, Buddha, Elvis and I were discussing this at poker last night. We all agreed that you have too much free time on your hands. I am looking at you, Pat Robertson.

DF The Lord Your God Almighty

Anonymous said...

On your dumbass question about parents killing their kids to assure them of heaven:

You do not need to be religious to come to the correct answer. It is a simple logic question. The question dictates that the parent believes in God. The question dictates that the parent believes the word of God is true. The Word dictates that killing is wrong. Therefore, the parent would not kill, even to guarantee his child will go to heaven.

Pull a hard one out of your ass next time.

Anonymous said...


Your idiotic argument is destroyed on one sentence: If God supported what you wrote, then Jesus would not have healed the sick.

Anonymous said...


Most funerals I attend are happy events, celebrating the life of the deceased.

I have never been sad for the deceased. I have been sad for myself, that I will not get to see them again, at least in this life.

Very sad that you do not understand that. You must lead a miserable life.

Anonymous said...

Black people break the law and go to prison or are killed by the police. Illegals break the law and get jobs and amnesty. Hillary breaks the law and is elected president of the United States. It is a strange world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Did you find any coverage on Hillary's corruption or are you still acting like it's no big deal ?

Bear said...


Should your new kids be worried?