Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Oh, come on. Who doesn't like bangs? 
  • I had a weird flashback yesterday as I saw a news report about high school two-a-days. In practice one time I went out to catch a pass in the flat, it was overthrown, and two or three seconds later I was hit in the back with a late hit by a linebacker. I jumped up in anger and shoved his head back with an open palm to his facemask.  There was a small skirmish after that (thank god he didn't kill me because it would have been ugly) and then I walked back to the huddle. But as I walked, I heard Coach Max Moore, on a megaphone from high above, say, "Hey, Green. Grant Teaff is watching you." I found it bizarrely funny then and I still do. And it's multi-layered.
  • The Ticket is broadcasting at Texas Wesleyan this morning and keep promoting it, by contractual obligation, as "the oldest university in Fort Worth." Ummmkay. 
  • Speaking of flashbacks, there's been lots of talk about televangelist Robert Tilton after John Oliver exposed him again on HBO last Sunday. I went back and watched some old clips from Tilton and he does exactly what Joel Osteen and his ilk do today -- just not as smoothly. "There is someone out there with an intestinal problem." 
  • I was told that there is a DWI trial going on in Wise County where the defense lawyer has chosen for the jury to assess punishment if the defendant is convicted.  That may not mean anything to you, but that is that is beyond fascinating, and I can't wait to hear how it turns out. 
  • Dallas just had the "Mayor's School Fair" at Fair Park where free school supplies were available to the poor who met certain requirements. Here is what Mark Davis said about it yesterday on his radio show: "I've told you what the typical parent is in line for that thing -- showing up for the Dallas County, you know,  'free stuff' school fair. The average parent in line is, you know, just left a beer in the car, smoking a cigarette, on a cell phone to the cable company."  (7:00 minute mark). Wow. (Special note to former Producer Susan: Your old boss has either lost his mind or he's trying to get fired.)  Recall Davis, with all of that love for his fellow man, was allowed to speak in three services at the Grapevine Fellowship Megachurch last year. 
  • The sex offender who escaped from his civil confinement in a halfway house in Fort Worth was found dead in South Carolina because of an apparent suicide. As a side note, four people were arrested for "aiding" his escape from that non-secure facility. But get this: "They were arrested by DPS troopers, Fort Worth and Granbury police, deputies with the Hood County Sheriff’s Department, and officials with the Texas attorney general’s office and the U.S. Marshals Service. " That's all?  I will not make my obligatory "too many cops" statement right now. 
  • I would have won Super Triple Jeopardy yesterday when someone asked me to name an old Baylor player they saw who wore number 34, and I wildly --yet correctly -- answered "Abercrombie" within seconds. (Here's an old cover of Texas Football where he's pictured along with crazy Craig James. And I had no idea he made the cover of Sport's Illustrated as a Steeler)
  • Uttered at the courthouse yesterday: "First you want to see me at .08 and now you want to see me on X"?  (Shout out to the gal on the phone who almost joked because of laughter yet remained professional.) 
  • The Dallas Morning News has an editorial praising the Texas Forensic Science Commission for opening an investigation into the junk science of "bite mark analysis".  How it did  not mention David Wayne Spence who was convicted in the "Lake Waco Murders" because of such testimony is puzzling. He was later executed by the government.
  • And when I do things like use the phrase "by the government" it is because I want someone out there to think, "That's not true! Oh, wait. I guess it is." 
  • Spence's last words: "I want you to understand I speak the truth when I say I didn’t kill your kids. Honestly I have not killed anyone. I wish you could get the rage from your hearts and you could see the truth and get rid of the hatred."