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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • As I drove around Wise County yesterday afternoon, I thought that I was in the most intense rainstorm I've ever seen. And I still think that. 
  • Lake Bridgeport is 16.44 feet low as of this morning.  I think that's a seven feet rise in less than a week. And we might get a little more of a rise through runoff today.
  • I don't know anything about metroplex politics, but how does Arlington mayor Robert Cluck get defeated with that much name recognition?
  • I don't know how I ended up watching the South Carolina Freedom Summit on CSPAN in the middle of the night, but seeing every GOP presidential candidate and Donald Trump address what looked like a white AARP convention was not inspiring. (And, man, they loved invoking "radical Islam" and "Garland, Texas" to fire up that crowd.)
  • Troubled Cowboy Josh Brent "retired" last Friday.  I bet that is more of a Cowboy decision than a Josh Brent decision -- the guy can't play.
  • It's been about two weeks since Gov. Greg Abbott said he would have the Texas State Guard keep an eye on federal troops as they engage in routine operations in Texas this month. I can't get past that. (And when Rick Perry pretty much called Abbott a nut because of it, you've got problems.) Edit: Funny.
  • Just glanced at BagOfNothing's blog. He installed a bidet this weekend. (Cue orchestra music!)
  • Local weatherman complaint: Over the weekend, they would do a forecast using a radar graphic. But this wasn't the typical "just green" projection. This included all sorts of color (red, purple, yellow) which made it look like a current live radar.  I'm against that.
  • I never thought there would come a day when I'm putting stakes in the back yard exactly 43' apart to mark the distance for softball pitching. That's the distance for rec league pitching ages 12 and up. (Side note: After becoming curious, I was curious what the pitching distance for college softball. I'll be dang: 43' feet. But high schools only moved from 40' to 43' five years ago.) 
  • Tornadoes struck Van, Texas last night. The only thing I know about Van is that in high school, in journalism class, we got to see the weekly student newspaper called the Van Vandal. I have no idea why we had a subscription (it was the only one we had, too.)
  • This morning, The Ticket had an add for pre-paid legal defense insurance for gun users. 
  • I saw where WBAP's  and TCU play-by-play man Brian Estridge has jury duty in Tarrant County this morning. Note to the defense: Cut him. 
  • Close to "And Another": Principal found in car with weed and shirt partially unbuttoned. 
  • Remember that nice house on Lake Whitney was intentionally burned a year or so ago because the cliff it was built upon was falling into the lake? Well, the cliff fell over the weekend. 
  • A 17 year old from Bridgeport is listed in the Update death notices today. Edit: Should have recognized that it was the boy who went missing a couple of weeks ago. We just had an official ID so now they'll have the funeral. 


Anonymous said...

As for your South Carolina Freedom Summit post:

How typical it is for a liberal to focus on the visuals when he or she has nothing to rebut the actual message.

Does being old and a member of AARP discredit someone's point of view or make them less right than a 25-year-old hipster in tight jeans?

It doesn't speak well to your attention span when that's all you notice, BG.

Anonymous said...

The 17 yr old is the young man who disappeared with a gun and was found dead days later down the street from his house.

Anonymous said...

Yabba Van Vandals


wordkyle said...

I'd heard about the SC Freedom Summit, but didn't really pay it any attention. I'll repeat a point I've made before. Look at the hostility blacks exhibit toward black Conservatives, and you'll see why they might be reluctant to attend such events. Intimidation works.

Anonymous said...

A bidet? Really? Who thinks of that long enough to actually want one?

Anonymous said...

Cluck lost in Arlington for a host of reasons: he wavered on running again in the first place and gave the new mayor a big fund raising advantage, his opponent has huge connections to the business community in Arlington, he was encouraged to run by the 2 mayors that preceded Cluck, he hammered Cluck for not being more aggressive in bringing development to North Arlington and the area around the stadiums (nevermind the fact that the area around Matlock and Cooper in South Arlington had a massive resurgence during Cluck's tenure). Williams also mounted a highly visible social media presence. I don't live in Arlington and his posts were regularly showing up in my news feed.

Anonymous said...

The RTG pair are certainly meaty, beaty, big, and bouncy.

DF The Who

Anonymous said...

Since Barry brought up Garland TX, I have a question. Where is the I Am Charlie Hebdo crowd now? Why is the media blaming the organizers of the event in Garland but didn't in the Charlie Hebdo case? Because no one died! They felt the same way about the Charlie Hebdo murders but were afraid to show their true colors because people died! Liberal media is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Math question of the day: how many times does 18 go into 45? Please send your answers to Maverick High.

DF Florida

Katy Anders said...

Not a huge surprise. The GOP is an older white party. Because of who votes and the way the districts are drawn, this doesn't hurt them in congressional elections. And because even the states with no people in them get 3 electoral votes, it's not overly obvious in Presidential elections.

But they have to make inroads somewhere else in the next few years if we're going to have a two-party system.

I saw a film recently by a guy who has been doing polls in Harris County for 30 years. He says that of his respondents, 70% of those over 65 are white and 78% of those under 30 are non-white. The white population of Harris County actually fell in real numbers last decade. 89% of the kids in the public achools are non-white.

This will eventually have a huge impact on elections. Ay least if more than 40% of eligible Hispanics start voting.

Wurdkyle said...

Hey kyle,
Please tell us more about the hostile "blacks."

I love how you couldn't bring yourself to type the word "people."

It's black people.

But then again, we all know what word you use at home, so, I guess it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't it just be that as people they get older they become more conservative?

BG seems to think elderly people who forever vote conservative will become extinct soon, but I know liberals who became more conservative as they got older. I've never known of the opposite happening.

It's called gaining wisdom and maturity. And liberals who age and remain liberal evidently are incapable of learning from life experience.

And people who are conservative when they are young are the smartest people on Earth.

Anonymous said...

WurdTurd, You sound like an an angry white people.

Anonymous said...

Obammy just got his ass kicked in Nevada over some cows.
Think he's coming to Texas to try and take our guns?

Anonymous said...

anyone else under the impression given the tone and tenor of this blog, which I love by the way, that the readership here is primarily old, white, and angry?

Anonymous said...

You can now buy a bidet that is all inclusive in one commode. They are absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

RTG = Double Fail

Man, your game is totally slipping away. Probably your memory too....

Anonymous said...

No, they're primarily white and stupid, of any age.


Anonymous said...


Get off my lawn punk.

DF Old, Grumpy White Guy

Anonymous said...

You should begin an "And Another" spinoff devoted strictly to George Zimmerman. Back in the news with another shooting in Fla.

Anonymous said...

12:58 PM

No I sense plenty of young, white and entitled here if they have the ambition

Anonymous said...


You should have omitted the commas.

Anonymous said...

I've got no problem with today's RTGs, though I prefer the one on the right.

Anonymous said...

Rage calling somebody stupid is like me calling someone gay

Anonymous said...

The school paper was sent to us by students at the school, we met at summer journalism camp.

Anonymous said...


You gotta!!!