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The Shield: Cowtown Edition


We've got three possible situations here: (1) Cops intentionally lying against cops, (2) Cops making reckless allegations against a cop without being sure they are right, (3) Cops being punished for busting a supervisor.

Sadly, none of the three options would surprise me these days.

Note: One of the officers suspended has the same first two initials and last name of a Fort Worth cop who was an undercover officer in the media generated mountain-made-out-of-a-molehill TCU football drug "scandal." (Edit: Confirmed that J.C. Williams was involved in the TCU bust. And also I've learned that another officer involved in the suspension story, Carlos Cespedes, was also a big part of the TCU busts. In fact, reported that, "In the months following the first complaint, police received multiple tips from 'reliable and knowledgable informants' that led to various undercover stings headed by Officers J.C. Williams and Carlos Cespedes.")

And I am doing all I can to not go on a tax dollar waste rant. Cops (on the clock) vs. cops (on the clock). Internal affairs investigation. Prostitution investigations. Not to mention the TCU "six month" investigation which amounted to nothing but short probations and kids kicked out of school. How much did all that silliness cost?


Anonymous said...

Cops and hookers go together like peas and carrots.

DF Forrest Gump

Anonymous said...

Speaking of tax dollars being wasted, I never hear a peep from Skippy about Obammy loaning billions of dollars to green energy companies and then they go bankrupt shortly after. And how about all that stimulus money that went to shovel ready jobs for infrastructure improvement but yet when a train derails the weenies blame it on Republicans refusing to fund it which they say caused the crash?

Anonymous said...

But they made $300K in seizures.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the badge, about the badge, no trouble.

Double Fake Meghan Trainor

Anonymous said...

Agree with the TCU sting or not, Williams is a good guy. He is Director of Operations of the The Net FW ( a nonprofit organization that works with the poor, homeless, and sexually exploited (i.e. prostitutes) in Fort Worth.

So, you're telling me that a guy who volunteers his time working to 'restore' prostitutes just made this up for retaliation sake?..

or maybe a few of the girls Williams works with gained his trust and ratted the dirty supervisor out.

I personally think the War on drug should be dropped and prostitution made legal, but that doesn't change what's going on here.

TL:DR - It's 3, the answer is 3.

Denney Crane said...

Seizures are extortion tactics. Taken on suspicion, not guilt. We will see much more hope and change on the subject in the future.