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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone offered Mrs. LL free Colonial golf tourney tickets, and she asked me if I would want to go. I told her "maybe" and pointed out that it would held over Memorial Day weekend. She did the Google and told me that it wasn't. "I'm pretty sure I'm right, babe," I replied (actually meaning "You aren't talking to the guy in the next cubicle. You're talking to a Sports Genius. And Colonial is always on Memorial Day weekend.") Then I learned that for the first time since 1964 the Byron Nelson which will be played after the Colonial on Memorial Day.
  • I didn't see it, but Channel 5 interrupted a PGA tourney on Sunday to show two goofballs stuck in high water in Dallas. The Ticket had one of the guys on  yesterday where he revealed he was 17 years old and only got stuck in water because a "levee broke." Riiiighht. He had named his truck "VortecXpress."  (His Twitter feed is about what you would expect from a high schooler from Sanger with a big truck.)
  • Fort Worth police killed a guy yesterday because he left a home suspected of being a place where hydrocodone and xanax were being sold. (!!!!!!)  He allegedly backed up in the direction of officers, allegedly striking one offiver who was not injured, so they shot him.
  • The Patriots get fined $1 million for "Deflategate" so fans created a GoFundMe account to pay it for them. You kidding me?
  • And it is amazing that Deflategate led most national evening news shows last night.
  • The 16-Year-Old-In-The-House is now the 17-Year-Old-In-The-House.  Many years ago I used to gig Mrs. LL by sarcastically saying, "They grow up so fast."   I feel silly now.  As is so often the case, we don't understand some things until we experience them. 
  • Interesting item in the Update: Wise County spends $30,000 a year on "indigent burials" while Denton County spends $40,000.  Regardless of how someone qualifies for an indigent burial, I'm more stunned that Denton County only spends $40,000 than any potential "waste" by Wise County. 
  • Two hosts of a former WBAP weekend show are being sued by the SEC for "telling customers that interests in life settlements they sold were 'guaranteed,' 'safe as CDs' and federally insured.'”  There is nothing worse than some radio "talk shows" on the weekends. They are obviously nothing more infomercials, have fake/planted callers, and just reek of lies.  
  • Is this real? A University of Houston student posted a pic of himself with a handgun making a joke about gangs and had his placed was searched by police?