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Kentucky Law Enforcement Bringing The Heat After Officer Involved Shooting

He's glad the guy who was shot was white. "We don't want trouble." (Cued up)

This guy says there is never an "unarmed encounter" with law enforcement because even if the suspect doesn't have a gun, the cops will. Ummmmkay. Technically true.  Yet, practically confusing if that logic is used, even in part,  for justification of any shooting. (Cued up.)

(h/t Keith.)


Anonymous said...

If the suspect doesn't have arms then how could they ever shoot a gun very easily or somethin?

Are people without arms just upset or just mean?

Anonymous said...

He's right to be glad. There won't be protests or rioting. There won't be a DOJ investigation. Even though police use deadly force on whites way more often than blacks, the public is only outraged when blacks are killed - regardless of circumstances.

Anonymous said...


That's because there just aren't that many blacks to be found anywhere. Why, just one or two more shootings and they're on the verge of extinction. It's not like they breed like rabbits or anything.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you whitey's? You know Black lives matter!!! Only black lives but black nonetheless.

Barry are you suggesting that police NOT carry guns? If not, then there is at least one gun in every encounter with the police. I've never had ANY encounter's with the police--because I'm white -----Right?
This whole country is full of dumbass..........

Anonymous said...

Schutze over at the Observer wrote a good article a few years ago about why there are no unarmed fights with police. He's right.