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Anonymous said...

I like the way the climate has cooled down since the 1930's when they saw a real drought. I Googled "record high temperature by State" and see that about 50% of the States have a record highs dating to the 1930's and zero broken or set in the past 20 years since Al Gore invented global warming.

How can this be?

Anonymous said...

I never understood the draw of kayaking.

DF Daniel Boone

Anonymous said...

Genuinely curious, when a public waterway overflows, does that give the public the right to navigate the overflow? Because a lot of idiots do that with motorized vehicles and wreck the fence.

Anonymous said...

I have canoed most of the rivers in Texas and the common law right of citizens to navigate streams has been very interesting to me. One of my favorites involved a company mining sand and gravel on their land adjacent to a river. A flood comes and breaches the land between the river and the gravel pit. The gravel company lost that part of their property to the people of Texas without compensation. I don't think it was an overflow but the land between was washed away. Erosion of stream banks changes property lines.