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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I was corrected by a higher up at Wise Regional after I said yesterday they were shutting down the Bridgeport Hospital: "Wise Regional is working towards applying for a separate license to operate the Bridgeport facility as an outpatient surgery center." He also said, "You might be surprised to find Wise Regional currently operates 47 locations in eight counties including Wise, Denton, Tarrant, Cooke, Grayson, Collin, Dallas and Johnson." Yes, I am surprised. 
  • I kept hearing that the conductor/engineer in the Philadelphia Amtrak crash has "lawyered up". Well, he gave a blood sample and turned over his cell phone to authorities so I'm not sure that's correct.  (And, by the way, getting "lawyered up" simply means a person refuses to talk because he's smart enough to understand those government employees asking him questions aren't there to help him.)
  • Along those lines, I bet I've watched thousands and thousands of DWI videotapes. And time and time again I see an officer walk up to the driver, introduce himself, and then ask, "Where you headed tonight?" Just once I want the driver to say, "That's really none of your business. Here's my driver's license and insurance".
  • I stopped by Hannity last night and saw that he spent two segments justifying his show running footage last March of scantily clad women during Spring Break. It seems Panama City had now changed some its ordinances regarding alcohol consumption on its beaches and Hannity was taking credit for the chang.  Of course, during these two segments, they did a split screen showing . . . you guessed it . . . scantily clad Spring Breakers.  (But my favorite part was when Hannity called Jon Stewart a "sanctimonious jackass" for pointing out Hannity's perversion and hypocrisy.) By the way, here's a Google image search for "Hannity Spring Break". Oh, my. 
  • Wise County Judge J.D. Clark sent a letter to Gov. Abbott yesterday in an effort to get Wise County declared a disaster area because of the flooding.  (I hope he added the sentence, "By the way, I've got a couple ranchers who have told me that they seen some Obama Gun Boats on the flooded areas as part of Jade Helm 15.  Just thought you'd want to know.")
  • Mrs. LL and the Sixth Grader in the House were late getting home the other day, and I asked the Junior In The House where they were. Softball practice, she said, but they were running late. Then she pulled out her phone to look at an app to find out where they were via GPS.  Apparently, it works in reverse since she then mumbled, "I hate that app."  (Honestly, that technology would have driven me crazy as a teenager.) 
  • Last year, DEA agents seized 10 Gas Pipe locations and nearly $3 million after federal "agents"alleged that they had purchased synthetic marijuana there. (I loved this odd logic to justify the raids: "They label it is not for human consumption, do not smoke, yet they're selling a 3g bag of this 'incense' from anywhere from $25 to $40," said Dan Salter, DEA special agent. "It cost them less than $5 to make." Translated: "I know we can't justify our jobs in this case because it's just fake weed, but they are ripping off the consumers!") Now the feds have arrested the owner and his daughter of the stores.  Too many cops. Too many prosecutors. 
  •  Dallas Morning News today: "Editorial: Prison rape can’t be tolerated."  Way to take a stand. Sheesh. 
  • The reference to "Mudville" below reminded me of just how great Casey At The Bat is. (And rec league softball and baseball leagues are in chaos because of the weather.)