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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Big Amtrak wreck in Philadelphia last night that killed six.  (Oddly, I just keep thinking of Bruce Willis walking down the hospital hall in Unbreakable.)
  • I've got a commenter who has fired off a "you refuse to publish my comment" a couple of times.  Since you mentioned what the content of it was, I went back and checked. Nope. Not submitted and not in Spam comment folder. I think we have a YP instead of a MP.
  • I'm not sure about this: If I see high water on the road should I turn around? 
  • And I was just struck with a crazy old memory from the old Dick Van Dyke show where Rob or Buddy were having a pants crisis requiring one of them to remove his pants. They told Sally who was in the room to "turn around." She did a full 360 and said, "Ta-Da!"
  • Lake Bridgeport is now 14.66 feet low. With rain predicted over the next week, if a storm would park itself on the saturated watershed, you would actually see what everyone always says: It can fill up in two days. 
  • "A Wichita Falls woman is behind bars after police say she and her boyfriend were smoking meth in the Rathgeber Hospitality House at United Regional." I'm more worried about the boyfriend who said he gulped down nine grams of meth as security was knocking on the door. 
  • An "apparent stripper" from Oklahoma is seeking a protective order against a Tea Party Texas State Senator. Who knows if there is any merit it to it, but when the AP uses the phrase "apparent stripper", I'll run with it. (Her twitter account is a one hot mess.)
  • Odd discussion up at the courthouse yesterday when three buddies I was talking with had already ranked the ways to commit suicide. Then we debated the pros and cons to various methods. (Trust me, the conversation was not dark but funny.) 
  • I'm not sure where I saw it last night, but Jeb Bush is taking heat from fellow Republicans for saying he would have fought the Iraq war all over again. I was stunned that so many Republicans now finally acknowledge what a horrible mistake that war was. 
  • The 37 lawyer firm of Hermes Sargent Bates in Dallas will (oddly?) disband after six "equity partners" couldn't agree on a long term lease for the firm. (Story - probably behind paywall.) By June 1, the firm is done. (There's something that rings a bell with me about that firm, but I can't recall it.)
  • Serious question: Why did the Wise Regional Hospital buy the Bridgeport hospital only to close it? (And here's the latest financials on Wise Regional. Sounds to be in pretty good shape but it is interesting to note it lost $2.4 million in 2014 on its new Parkway Surgical and Cardiovascular Hospital in North Fort Worth.) 
  • The Sixth Grader In The House is a pretty good softball pitcher but she will launch a ball over the neighbor's fence from time to time. I'm envisioning creating my own temporary safety net with PVC pipe. 
  • Note to goofy Texas legislature: If the Supreme Court decides there is a constitutional right to gay marriage next month, you can't "thwart" that ruling with a state law.